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Call for Papers: Business Ethics Journal Review: First Anniversary
Posted: 2014/03/14 
Deadline: 2015/12/31

More InfoThe Business Ethics Journal Review (BEJR), a venture in 21st century academic publishing edited by Chris MacDonald (Ryerson University; the Business Ethics Blog) and Alexei Marcoux (Loyola University Chicago), marks its first anniversary of publication and the beginning of volume two with Marc A. Cohen's "Empathy in Business Ethics Education Redux," a response to David Ohreen's "The Limits of Empathy in Business Ethics Education."

BEJR publishes refereed commentaries—short essays of up to 2000 words addressing critically an aspect of a recently published business ethics journal article or book. Authors commented upon in BEJR have a standing invitation to reply to a commentary on their work.

In its first year of publication, BEJR published 12 refereed commentaries and 6 responses by commented-upon authors.

Mitacs Globalink Research Award: Funding for International Research
Posted: 2014/05/01 
Deadline: 2015/12/31

More InfoMitacs recently announced a new international funding opportunity. The Mitacs Globalink Research Award provides the opportunity for faculty members and students at Canadian universities to build an international research network and undertake research abroad.

To offer senior undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to participate in 12-to-24 week research projects supervised by professors at accredited universities in the following Mitacs partner countries: Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Turkey and Vietnam.

Up to $5,000 to Canadian supervisor for student travel expenses

12 to 24 weeks

Submission to ORS – 10 working days before submission to the agency
Submission to agency – Applicants should apply approximately 10-12 weeks prior to the start of the project to allow for adjudication, filing of appropriate documentation, and travel and accommodation arrangements.

For further information and detailed submission instructions, guidelines, and a template for your submission please visit the following web page:

Call for Papers: The Handbook of Practical Animal Ethics
Posted: 2013/06/07 
Deadline: 2015/01/01

Thomas White been asked to serve as editor for the section on "The Ethics of Captivity" in The Handbook of Practical Animal Ethics. This will be published as part of the Palgrave Macmillan Series on Animal Ethics under the auspices of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. Because businesses are responsible for a good deal of the use of captive animals, Dr. White thought that some SBE members might be interested. If so, please send Dr. White a 2-3 page proposal at twhite@ethicsandbusiness.org

The Handbook will be the first dedicated to practical animal ethics.  It will (1) comprise essays principally written by leading academics from Europe and the US; (2) be progressive in orientation, addressing cutting edge issues; (3) be multidisciplinary in approach comprising historical, philosophical scientific, legal, anthropological, religious, psychological and sociological perspectives; (4) be the flagship volume of the Palgrave Macmillan Series on Animal Ethics, and (5) be a project of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics and will draw upon the expertise of the 72 scholar Fellows associated with the Centre.

The primary market is for academics and students. There are now scores of emerging courses in animal law, animals and philosophy, animals in literature, animals and political theory, animal studies, and courses in animals and religion. While it is not designed as a course text, it will be important secondary or general reading for the growing number of people taking up these courses. Moreover, it will be an essential text for academics of a range of disciplines now researching the field. It will be a must for libraries wanting an authoritative work of reference.

The work will take 18 months from signing of the contract, aiming for a completion date of January 2015. This will give contributors 6 months to do their pieces, 6 months for the editors to write their introductions, and a final 6 months for the general editors to mop up the final text for publication.

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Gender, Business Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility
Posted: 2013/12/31 
Deadline: 2014/11/14

More InfoGender equality is an acknowledged universal human right in itself, and is also intertwined with other core corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues such as poverty, environmental degradation, and devel- opment. Yet, the literature on gender, business ethics, and CSR remains relatively underdeveloped. This special issue seeks to fill this important research gap.

This special issue focuses on gender, organizations, and society through the lens of business ethics and CSR. It aims to bring a variety of feminist theoretical perspectives to bear on business ethics and CSR research and practice. Its purpose is to explore whether, and if so how, CSR and business ethics might contribute to wider scholarship concerning how organizations, and particularly corporations, reflect, influence, structure, and impact gender relations at the organizational, as well as the societal, level.

Within the field of business ethics, feminist ethics has been discussed with particular reference to the “ethics of care” as it relates to stakeholder relations and organizational responsibility (for example, Wicks, Gilbert, & Freeman, 1994; Liedtka, 1996; Burton and Dunn, 1996; Hamington and Sander-Staudt, 2011). Yet, beyond Larson and Freeman (1997), there appears to have been relatively little engagement with the feminist “ethics of justice,” which “explicitly attempts to solve the inequities of discrimination rather than finding in women’s skills a fortuitous tool to economic efficiency (Derry, 1996: 106).” Thus, the litera- ture on feminist business ethics remains underdeveloped, particularly in light of developments in CSR.

Over the past decade, CSR has emerged from its philanthropic foundations and broadened from its nar- row association with instrumentalism. It has shifted from a “corporate-centred” to a “corporate-oriented” concept, extended to “new accountability” (McBarnet, Voiculescu, & Campbell, 2007), and become an important part of new governance systems. CSR now involves government, business and civil society (Scherer and Palazzo, 2007), and is thus increasingly propitious for feminist agendas. Yet, the gendered organization studies literature has barely considered the possibility of how CSR might be useful in advancing gender equality agendas. Moreover, despite acknowledgement by companies and within CSR standards, the status of gender within CSR and other systems of responsible business research and practice appears modest. An emerging literature explores gender issues through a CSR lens. This has led to research not only on workplace practice, but also on the wider gender impacts of corporations in the marketplace, the community, and the ecological environment, indeed throughout corporate value chains, and in governance processes (e.g., Barrientos, Dolan, & Tallontire, 2003; Hale and Opondo, 2005; Newell, 2005; Grosser and Moon, 2005, 2008; Kilgour, 2007; Marshall, 2007; Kemp, Keenan, & Gronow, 2010; Karam and Jamali, 2013). The important study of masculinity in the context of business ethics and CSR has also begun (Marshall, 2007; Knights and Tullberg, 2012). However the gender and CSR literature remains underdeveloped, particularly with regard to its theoretical contribution. This issue's aim is to encourage the deepening and systematizing of this emerging field of research.

Call for Papers: BEQ Special Issue on Sustainability
Posted: 2013/11/12 
Deadline: 2014/09/30

More InfoThis special issue provides a forum to address and further integrate research on business and environmental sustainability. One key aim is to strengthen the theoretical foundations of relevant debates. Potential topics for this special issue, include, but are not limited to the following areas:
  1. Capitalism, Economic (De)Growth, and the Natural Environment
  2. Organizational Practices Related to Environmental Sustainability
  3. Governance, Regulation, and Corporate Political Activity
To address these questions, Business Ethics Quarterly is seeking a broad range of submissions, including both normative, philosophical research and theoretical or empirical (quantitative or qualitative) social-scientific research. They encourage contributions that make use of, and contribute to, disciplines like organization studies, philosophy, political science, sociology, economics, management, legal theory, and cultural studies. Papers are expected to make a clear theoretical contribution to the respective stream of research that is being addressed.

Call for Papers: Business Ethics Quarterly Special Issue Environmental Sustainability and Business: Crisis or Opportunity
Posted: 2013/12/31 
Deadline: 2014/09/30

More InfoDiscussions at the intersection of environmental sustainability and business seem to face a paradox: While corporations and policymakers put much emphasis on sustainability, the problems that are supposed to be addressed through such actions seem to worsen (Whiteman, Walker, and Perego 2013). Research on “planetary boundaries” (i.e., the safe operating space for humanity vis-à-vis the earth’s ecological systems) suggests that three of nine boundaries have already been overstepped (e.g., related to loss of biodiversity and climate change; see Rockström et al. 2009), often creating irreversible effects. This tension shows that there are many unanswered questions (and also some unquestioned answers) when looking at the relationship between environmental sustainability and business.

Some have argued that adopting environmental sustainability as a guiding corporate principle will lead to eco-efficient production processes, driving higher profits, and ultimately make a positive impact on the natural environment (Tercek 2013). Others have suggested that firms’ increased focus on sustain- ability is driving “greenwashing” behavior (i.e., misleading consumers on environmental performance or environmental benefits; see Delmas and Burbano 2011). The tension between these arguments shows the continued need to research whether the relationship between environmental sustainability and business is sustainable itself. Is capitalism ultimately incompatible with consistent efforts to protect the biosphere and keep our activities within its natural limits? Do the admired examples of “eco-friendly” corporations supply models that free enterprise as a whole can profitably follow? Can (global) environmental governance provide solutions to better align corporate interests, political realities, and impact on the natural environment? In what ways, if any, can we align corporate sustainability and ecological sustainability? How do we talk about sustainability and in what ways do incommensurable theoretical frameworks cause confusion about what counts as “sustainable” (Norton 2005)? These, admittedly broad, questions relate to a variety of research streams cutting across the societal, organizational, and individual levels of analysis.

This special issue provides a forum to address and further integrate research on business and environmental sustainability. One key aim is to strengthen the theoretical foundations of relevant debates.

Call for Papers: Special Issue of Business and Professional Ethics Journal
Posted: 2014/05/06 
Deadline: 2014/08/01

More InfoDePaul university invites you to submit a paper that focuses on business leadership as vocation, calling, or a profession, and that includes content from business leaders themselves.

Their invitation is inspired by a conference on The Vocation of the Business Leader held at Seattle University in 2013. The conference included business people and scholars from various professions and religious perspectives, presenting together in dialogue with each other and with conference participants.

The conference was based on the Vatican document of the same name. The Vatican document addresses Christians, but this conference also included business leaders and scholars representing Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and atheism. The dialogue between scholars and business people was especially fruitful. This invitation is dedicated to furthering this collaboration.

Deadline: August 1, 2014.
Please send proposals and papers electronically to: bpej@depaul.edu

Call for Papers: Special Issue JOBE
Posted: 2014/01/11 
Deadline: 2014/07/31

More InfoThis Special Issue will explore both empirical and theoretical perspectives on industry-specific CR. The industrial sector is a key variable in any company's economic environment. Companies do not act alone, but interact in numerous ways with peers and competitors, customers, regulators and other stakeholders who together are perceived as an industry. Such industries can differ significantly in terms of their historical origins, their structure, interactions with stakeholders, political conditions, issues etc. And so does the actual responsibility that companies belonging to a sector have.

Empirically, the guest editors are especially-but not exclusively-interested in papers that investigate interactions between economic, political, and other societal actors within and/or between specific industries in a comparative manner. The authors can study current and historical examples of such interaction. In any case, the focus of their papers should lie on collective action rather than on the behaviour of a single firm situated in a specific industry. Examples of collective action include cooperation between several companies, trade associations, industry initiatives and industry-related public-private partnerships.

Possible research questions could be (but are not limited to):
  1. What and who constitutes an industry? How are industries perceived (and constructed) by different actors and what does this imply for CR?
  2. What are the characteristics of an industry-specific CR approach? How do they relate to other, more general non-industry-specific perspectives?
  3. How is industry-specific CR practiced across different regions (comparative regional studies)?
  4. How is CR practiced in different industries (comparative inter-sectorial studies)?
  5. What is the role of industry-specific CR initiatives? Why do they emerge and how do they institutionalize?
  6. How do industry-specific perspectives relate to and what do they contribute to managerial, organizational and international (or micro, meso, and macro level) approaches to CR?
  7. What are limits to an industry perspective (practical, theoretical or normative limitations)?
The deadline for submission of full papers is July 31, 2014; however, early submission is encouraged. Authors should address queries regarding the Special Issue to Thomas Hajduk at thomas.hajduk@unisg.ch. Manuscript length should not exceed 11,000 words (including all references, tables, figures, abstract and keywords).

Call for Papers: Exploring links between Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Resilience, International Journal of Enterprising Communities
Posted: 2014/04/29 
Deadline: 2014/07/31

More Info

The International Journal of Enterprising Communities is seeking conceptual and empirical papers that explore the theoretical interplay between entrepreneurship, sustainability and resilience. This offers an opportunity to examine the interface between these three constructs thus contributing to a significant scholarly debate and the development of theory that is importance to the broader field of business, economics, and allied fields of practice such as economic development. Possible topics include:

  • Tensions between sustainability and resilience
  • Mechanisms linking entrepreneurship to the resilience of individuals, organizations or communities
  • Institutional influences on entrepreneurship, sustainability and resilience
  • Studies of sustainability and resilience in real or virtual communities
  • Issues involved in using the constructs of sustainability and resilience at different levels, from the individual through to nations
  • Studies that focus on particular economic, social and/or ecological risks and human response viewed through the lens of sustainability and/or resilience
  • Approaches and issues to measuring sustainability and resilience
  • Other related issues.

The Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy is published by Emerald. Articles should be a maximum of 10,000 words, including references and appendices. Information on the format of manuscripts is available at: http://www.emeraldinsight.com/products/journals/author_guidelines.htm?id=jec#10 Prospective authors should begin by sending an abstract of approximately 500 words to one of the guest editors before 31 July 2014. Selected authors will be invited to develop a full paper and submit it for review by 15 January 2015.

Call for Papers: 4th Annual Australasian Business Ethics Network (ABEN) Conference
Posted: 2014/05/01 
Deadline: 2014/07/31

More Info

Submissions are now being invited for the 4th annual ABEN conference on business, ethics and business ethics (www.aben.org.au). Bringing academics, critics and practitioners together to discuss and debate the nature, intent, effects and futures of business ethics in Australasia and beyond, the ABEN conference is a key forum in the region for reflective, engaged and philosophical work in the area. The location for this year’s conference is in the Sydney CBD at the University of Sydney Business School campus. Once again, the conference is linked with publication opportunities in business ethics journals (The Journal of Business Ethics Education - and Philosophy of Management, the leading interdisciplinary journal with a focus on applied philosophy in management). Like the wider network from which it originates, the ABEN conference is inclusive – welcoming submissions that explore business ethics from a range of theoretical, empirical and practical positions and perspectives.

Ethics is highly subjective and, more importantly, a reflective process. Last year’s ABEN conference, “Managing Ethics on The Edge”, considered ignored areas of ethics research in management. Building on last year’s success, the theme of this year’s conference is ‘Reflection on Ethics’. This theme does not suggest reflecting on the past but considering the role academia plays in the research, dissemination and teaching of ethics. Considering the interdisciplinary nature of ABEN, papers considering all facets of business ethics and social responsibility research are welcome. The broad conference streams proposed at this stage are:

  • Business Ethics in the Region
  • Business Ethics Education
  • Implementation of the UN Global Compact and Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME)
  • Ethics and the Employee
  • CSR and Sustainability
  • Business Ethics and Human Rights
  • The Problems of (Business) Ethics
  • Ethics in Accounting

For example, topics such as Australasian business practice and education, the place of the employee, the questions of sustainability and of responsible accounting, as well as the place of human rights in the workplace, are encouraged. They are however open to any novel topic in this field, hence they are prepared to create an Open Stream.

Please send a 500-word abstract, as an email attachment, to ‘ABEN Conference 2014’ at business.aben2014@sydney.edu.au by 31 July 2014. Full papers may also be submitted, to be peer reviewed, if required by your funding institution.

Registration for the conference is $A300 (registering before 30 September) and $A380 (registering after 30 September) for salaried persons; and $A200 (before 30 September) and $A280 (after 30 September) for those who are non-salaried. They are currently finalising the 2014 ABEN conference website. Any questions please email business.aben2014@sydney.edu.au.

Call for Proposals: Compendium on Integrating Spirituality & Organizational Leadership
Posted: 2014/04/29 
Deadline: 2014/07/30

Compendium on Integrating Spirituality And Organizational Leadership is a timely series responding to the high demand for state-of-the-art research on how organizations can create virtue based organizational processes to bring transparency and accountability in order to create a morally healthy business environment for sustainable individual, social and economic growth.

The volumes are the result of active academic contribution and deliberations in ISOL Conferences since 2007 to understand the role of spirituality in renewing the contemporary management praxis.

The Compendium on Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership will present methods to systematically explore the nature, determination and implications of the spiritual dimensions of organizational leadership for creating non – exploitative, non – violent and sustainable organizations. It will present ethical problems and coping methods that can be implemented in the business sector the world over and will discuss global ethical problems in the fields of business, management, leadership, economics, and ethics. The various volumes will contribute significantly.

Researchers, academicians and practitioners are invited to submit on or before July 30,2014 a 2-3 page chapter proposal clearly outlining the central concerns of their proposed chapter and, in particular, the methodological approaches, the academic and applied contribution of the work in question. Please do mention the respective volume in your proposal.

Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by September 5, 2014 about the status of their proposals and sent chapter guidelines. Full chapters are expected to be submitted by January 15, 2015. All submitted chapters will be subjected to double-blind review process.

Contributors may also be requested to serve as reviewers for this project.

Call for Chapter Proposals: Leadership for a Healthy World
Posted: 2014/04/23 
Deadline: 2014/06/20

How do people lead communities, organizations, and societies toward sustainable health? What do we mean when we say “a healthy organization,” and how do such organizations contribute to societal and planetary health? How do leaders generate a way of being with people that fosters creativity and openness to change? How do governmental organizations contribute to such an emerging reality? How do we develop platforms for collaboration across institutions and cultures, since the problems we face seem intractable to solutions within those institutions? This book, nourished by decades of research and writing on healthy organizations by thought leaders such as Chris Argyris (1958, 1964), Ed Schein (2000), and Peter Frost (1999, 2001) aims to address such questions.

The ILA's 2016 BLB volume will address the role of leadership in catalyzing and influencing collective action in reshaping systems so as to generate macro-societal shifts towards a healthier world. It will encourage exploration of systemic change related to societal health and global sustainability at all levels—intrapersonal, interpersonal, team, organizational, and societal. Chapters that examine how conscious, intelligent, and compassionate leadership can foster the relationships, processes, and structures conducive to a healthy world are invited.

Please send proposals electronically as a WORD DOCUMENT to the ILA c/o Debra DeRuyver at dderuyver@ila-net.org on or before June 20, 2014.

Call for Submissions: Business Ethics Quarterly Special Issue
Posted: 2013/08/20 
Deadline: 2014/06/15

More InfoOver the past decade there has been increasing recognition of the growing influence of multinational enterprise (MNEs) from developing countries. This influence has been acknowledged in both the popular and academic literature. Public and private organizations such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, United National Conference on Trade and Development, investment banks and consulting firms have all documented the rise of developing country MNEs (DMNEs) (see Sauvant, McAllister & Maschek, 2010) and scholars have begun to explore the ramifications of the emergence of these DMNEs for established business and management theory (Carney, Gedajlovic, & Yang, 2009; Cuervo-Cazurra, 2012; Ramamurti, 2004; Ramamurti & Singh, 2009).

The purpose of this special issue is to explore ethics and corporate social responsibility in and by DMNEs. The special issue is especially interested in scholarly investigations of the antecedents, processes and impacts of ethics and CSR as conducted and practiced by DMNEs.

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Developing Country Multinationals
Posted: 2013/12/31 
Deadline: 2014/06/15

More InfoOver the past decade there has been increasing recognition of the growing influence of multinational enterprise (MNEs) from developing countries. This influence has been acknowledged in both the popular and academic literature. Public and private organizations such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, United National Con- ference on Trade and Development, investment banks and consulting firms have all documented the rise of developing country MNEs (DMNEs) (see Sauvant, McAllister & Maschek, 2010) and scholars have begun to explore the ramifica- tions of the emergence of these DMNEs for established business and management theory (Carney, Gedajlovic, & Yang, 2009; Cuervo-Cazurra, 2012; Ramamurti, 2004; Ramamurti & Singh, 2009).

To date, much of the research on DMNEs has focused on whether and how established theories of management and international business should be revised or extended, given the different institutional and cultural contexts in which DMNEs have emerged and the distinct ownership, governance and management strategies of these firms. And while ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR) scholars have begun exploring the international and global dimensions of MNEs generally (Scherer, Palazzo, & Matten, 2009), especially in the area of human rights (Kobrin, 2009; Much- linski, 2012; Wettstein, 2012), and some IB scholars have started examining the CSR practices of MNEs (Campbell, Eden, & Miller, 2012, Doh, Husted, Matten, & Santoro, 2010) observed that the integration and assimilation of inter- national management and ethics/CSR literature is, to date, relatively underdeveloped. In particular, very little attention has been directed toward the ethical orientation and corporate social responsibility practices of these DMNEs, with a few exceptions (Gugler & Shi, 2009).

The purpose of this special issue is therefore to explore ethics and corporate social responsibility in and by DMNEs. The Issue is especially interested in scholarly investigations of the antecedents, processes and impacts of ethics and CSR as conducted and practiced by DMNEs.

Call for Corporate Governance Doctoral Research Proposals
Posted: 2014/04/23 
Deadline: 2014/06/01

More Info

The Robert Bertram Doctoral Research Awards have been established to promote Canadian-based research on corporate governance and build Canada’s corporate governance research capacity by encouraging the next generation of young scholars.

Research proposals should address questions within one or more of the following broad targeted areas of research:

  • Corporate governance issues of practical interest to Canadian directors and boards of Canadian public, private, government-agency and not-for-profit organizations;

  • Corporate governance best practices through the Canadian perspective; and

  • The role of directors in the governance process and the criteria deemed necessary to be an effective director.

Researchers are also invited to submit proposals within the following areas of study:

  • The role of boards and directors in shareholder engagement;
    Board oversight of risk;

  • Subsidiary and joint venture governance;

  • The needs, skills and composition of Canadian boards in the future;

  • Shareholder activism;

  • Short-termism;

  • Poison pills and defensive tactics in Canada;

  • The effect of director education on board effectiveness;

  • The link between board effectiveness and company value.

Submit your proposal and all required attachments by email to cbuhagiar@icd.ca no later than 11:59 p.m. EST on Sunday June 1st, 2014.

Call for Papers: Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion
Posted: 2014/04/29 
Deadline: 2014/06/01

More Info

The influence of spirituality in entrepreneurship is receiving increased attention. There is growing evidence that spirituality and enterprise cross-fertilize one another and can create practical models for addressing pressing social problems, such as poverty, conflict, unemployment, and environmental degradation. Such models in Europe, USA, China, India, South Africa and other parts of the world suggest that enterprises with a spiritual value orientation can flourish, and serve the interests of business and the wider community better than enterprises following the strict financial bottom line.

In this special issue of the Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion, they are seeking contributions that provide theoretical or empirical insights on how spirituality and religious belief influences entrepreneurship at the individual, organizational and institutional levels. They encourage research that elaborates on, but is not limited to, the following research questions/topics:

  • What are the spiritual orientations to entrepreneurship in different religious traditions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, etc.)?
  • How does spirituality influence the commitment of entrepreneurs to social well-being and sustainability?
  • How do spiritually driven entrepreneurs define and measure success in their business practice?
  • How can spiritually driven enterprises survive and flourish in competitive environments?
  • Which promising spiritually driven entrepreneurship models are there in different parts of the world and how do they relate to social movements?
  • What is the relationship between spiritual/religious practices and entrepreneurial creativity?
  • How do spiritual and/or religious influences manifest themselves in venture operations?
  • How can spiritually driven entrepreneurship contribute to the transformation of contemporary management theory and praxis?

Submission instructions

Authors are requested to submit a full manuscript for double-blind review via JMSR’s Manuscript Central link (http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/rmsr) by 1 June 2014. Please consult and follow the JMSR guidelines for authors: http://www.tandfonline.com/action/authorSubmission?journalCode=rmsr20&page=instructions#.Uss_UdIW3lc

Target dates (subject to change):

  • 1 June 2014: Deadline for submission of manuscripts
  • 1 August 2014: Guest editors invite authors to revise and resubmit manuscripts
  • 15 October 2014: Deadline for submission of revised manuscripts
  • 31 December 2014: Guest editors notify authors of final status (authors of accepted manuscripts informed of next steps for publication)
  • 1 May 2015: Special issue available in print

Call for Cases: Case Competition for the Simon Fish Ethics Case Award
Posted: 2013/11/28 
Deadline: 2014/05/31

More InfoThe Canadian Centre for Ethics and Corporate Policy is pleased to announce a Case Competition to honour Mr. Simon Fish, Executive Vice-President and General Counsel, BMO Financial Group, and recipient of the 2013 General Counsel of the Year award.

The Centre seeks submissions of Cases with Teaching Note appropriate for use in Canadian undergraduate or graduate business classes. The Case should primarily focus on ethical issues within a business law context.

The author of the winning Case will be awarded a prize of $3,000.
Prizes for second and third place may also be awarded at the discretion of the Centre, with awards of between $500 and $1,000.

Submissions must be received by midnight May 31, 2014.

Call for Papers: 2nd Geneva Summit on Sustainable Finance
Posted: 2014/05/01 
Deadline: 2014/05/31

More InfoFollowing the success of the inaugural Geneva Summit on Sustainable Finance, the Geneva Finance Research Institute and the Institute For Environmental Sciences of the University of Geneva together with Sustainable Finance Geneva are pleased to announce the 2nd Geneva Summit on Sustainable Finance, which will be held on November 27th, 2014 at the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

The overall theme for this year’s event is Sustainable Finance, quo vadis? As in the previous year, the conference will provide a platform for sustainable finance related research relevant to academics, investment practitioners, think-tanks, and policy-makers. The conference invites submissions of complete research papers, extended abstracts as well as panel proposals addressing themes relating to models and incentives for driving Sustainable Financial Markets and Financing of Sustainable Development

SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: The deadline for submission of papers is May 31st, 2014. Papers should be sent as a pdf attachment to info@geneva-summit-on-sustainable-finance.ch.

Call for Papers: FIR-PRI Award 2014
Posted: 2014/04/17 
Deadline: 2014/05/15

More Info

The French Social Investment Forum (French SIF) and PRI are pleased to invite students and researchers to submit their work to the FIR-PRI “Finance and Sustainability” European Research Award 2014.

The award accepts submissions from students or researchers who either:

  • Hold a European passport

  • Have an affiliation to a European university or graduate school

  • Are collaborating with a faculty member who is affiliated to a European research institution

  • Have Europe as a research field

Submissions may be accepted in French or English

Three awards valued at €5,000.00 each and one research grant valued at €10,000.00 will be rewarded.

  • Best Master’s Thesis award: master’s degree, graduate school of management, graduate school of engineering

  • Best PhD Thesis award

  • Best published Academic Article award

  • Only PhD research will be granted. Grant will reward works dealing with financial instruments (securitisation, project financing…), social issues (HR, human rights…) or marketing of SRI products.

Call for Nominations: SIM Best Book Award 2014
Posted: 2014/05/01 
Deadline: 2014/05/15

More InfoThe selection committee for the Social Issues in Management (SIM) Best Book Award welcomes nominations (including self-nominations) for the 2014 award. Please send your nomination to SIMbook2014@management.bath.ac.uk no later than May 15, 2014.

Books published between January 2009 and December 2013 are eligible for this award. Authors need not be members of SIM, but it is always wonderful to honor those in the division for their hard work. Textbooks and edited books with multiple contributors are not eligible. Nominated books are rated on their relevance to SIM, contribution(s) to the field, and empirical or theoretical rigor.

Please include the following information when submitting your nomination:

(1) The title of the book and author(s)
(2) The year of publication and publisher, and
(3) A link to the website of the publisher listing the book.

It is that simple. The selection committee will liaise with publishers to obtain review copies of shortlisted books, and we look forward to receiving your nominations.

You will find the announcement for the Call for Nominations on the SIM website: http://sim.aomonline.org/index.htm

The Committee
- Bruce Rayton (Chair), CBOS, University of Bath School of Management
- Jeff Lenn, The George Washington University School of Business
- May Seitanidi, University of Kent, Kent Business School

Call for Participation: 2014 International Business Ethics Case Competition
Posted: 2013/12/03 
Deadline: 2014/05/06

More InfoThe Center for Ethics and Business at Loyola Marymount University, the Opus College of Business of the University of St. Thomas (MN), and the Ethics & Compliance Officer Association (ECOA) are pleased to announce that the 2014 International Business Ethics Case Competition (IBECC) will be held from May 6-9 in conjunction with the ECOA’s Sponsoring Partner Forum in Tucson, Arizona. IBECC is the oldest and most-recognized business ethics competition of its kind. This year’s event will be held at the luxurious The Lodge Resort and Spa at Ventana Canyon.

Teams of 3-5 students participate in a variety of competitions (25 minute presentation followed by Q&A; 10-minute presentation; 90-second presentation), all of which are judged by practicing ethics and compliance professionals. Each team selects a topic from any area of business ethics and describes both the problem and a proposed solution. Approximately $12,000 in prize money will be awarded.

IBECC 2014 will be limited to 25 teams. Undergraduate and graduate teams compete in separate divisions. There is special interest in the participation of international teams.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about organizational ethics by attending ECOA conference sessions and by interacting informally with the world's leading ethics and compliance officers.

If interested, contact Kirsten Nordblom (Knordblom@lmu.edu or 310.338.2321) or Thomas White (twhite@lmu.edu or 310.338.4523) to reserve a spot in the event as soon as possible.

Further information about IBECC will be posted at www.ibecc.net and http://ethicsandbusiness.lmu.edu.

The Organizations & Natural Environment (ONE) division Awards
Posted: 2014/04/17 
Deadline: 2014/04/30

More Info

The Organizations & Natural Environment (ONE) division Awards Committee has posted calls for nominations and submission for a variety of ONE Awards:

  • The ONE Best Dissertation Award
  • The ONE Best Book Award
  • The ONE Emerging Scholar Award
  • The ONE Distinguished Scholar Award
  • The ONE-NBS Research Impact on Practice Award

A more detailed description of and the submission process for each award can be found on the ONE home page at http://one.aomonline.org/ONE_Web/Home.html.

Call for Papers: FIU Center for Leadership Dissertation Award 2014‏
Posted: 2014/04/15 
Deadline: 2014/04/29

More Info

The Center for Leadership (CFL) at Florida International University is pleased to sponsor the Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Outstanding Dissertation Award in partnership with the Network of Leadership Scholars (NLS). This award honors an individual whose dissertation makes an outstanding contribution to the field of leadership. The recipient of the award will receive a $3,000 cash prize, be honored at the Network of Leadership Scholars meeting at the Academy of Management Annual Conference, and be supported to deliver an invited presentation at the FIU Center for Leadership.

To be considered for this award:

  • The paper must be based on a doctoral dissertation successfully defended within the past two years (after January 1, 2012).
  • The student must be first author and will be the recipient of the award.

To be considered outstanding, the paper should:

  • Make an interesting contribution to advancing new ideas or new frameworks of thinking in the field of leadership.
  • Strongly incorporate relevant theoretical and empirical literature.
  • Demonstrate appropriate analysis and interpretation of the research results.
  • Offer interesting (and warranted) inferences regarding the theoretical and applied implications of the findings and suggest promising directions for future research.
  • Logically, succinctly, and clearly present the ideas.

For further information and full application details, please visit: http://lead.fiu.edu/research/award

or email Candace Atamanik at catamani@fiu.edu

Call for Abstracts: COERB Research Incubator
Posted: 2014/04/23 
Deadline: 2014/04/16

More InfoThe Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business at the Schulich School of Business will be holding their next biannual afternoon research workshop and incubator on Friday, May 16, 2014. It will be similar in format to the past four events held since 2012.

The purpose of the workshop is to share and discuss some of the ongoing research taking place in the Centre along with an incubator to help faculty and doctoral students develop work into publishable papers in the area of responsible business, broadly defined (i.e. work that deals with social issues in management, CSR, sustainability, and business ethics). Whether you have a completed manuscript or simply a half-baked idea, the research incubator will match you with an expert in your area who will carefully read your paper or idea and provide you oral and written feedback to help you mature and develop the paper or idea.

In addition, as always they will kick off the afternoon with a panel discussion with experienced scholars to provide insight into publishing Responsible Business research in top management journals and beyond. Their external guest for this May's event will be Professor Aneel Karnani from the University of Michigan, who not only has published responsible business-related research in top journals but also in recent years has stirred much discussion through his engagement with popular media (incl. his Wall Street Journal piece in 2010). Further details of the event, including full schedule will be provided shortly. They will be meeting in the Nadal Centre downtown. At the conclusion of the workshop, they will continue to socialise at the Duke of Devon Pub.

So please let them know if you intend to attend the workshop, and send in your manuscripts, abstracts, or proposals. Whatever you send, they will find someone to help you develop that idea. The deadline for submissions is April 16, 2014. For inquiries please contact Dirk Matten, dmatten@schulich.yorku.ca.

For submission of work and for registration for the event please contact Mary Amati at the contact details below.

Please RSVP to Mary Amati, COERB@schulich.yorku.ca
Research Incubator
May 16, 2014 - 1:00 - 5:00 pm
TSE Boardroom
Miles S. Nadal Management Centre, Ernst & Young Tower
Toronto Dominion Centre
222 Bay St., Suite 500

Please RSVP Mary Amati, COERB@schulich.yorku.ca Social - Pub Night
Duke of Devon 66 Wellington St. W.
416 642 3853
5:30 pm

Call for Papers: Society for Business Ethics Best Dissertation Award
Posted: 2014/04/01 
Deadline: 2014/04/15

More InfoThe Society for Business Ethics (SBE) is soliciting abstracts for dissertations completed between May 1, 2013, and April 15, 2014, to be considered for SBE's Best Dissertation Award. While dissertations must focus on business ethics, work from all disciplines is welcome. The purpose of the award is to recognize the dissertation that, in the judgement of the committee, most clearly demonstrates the potential to contribute to substantial advances in business ethics research and practice.

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Sustainability in Maritime Supply Chains
Posted: 2013/11/19 
Deadline: 2014/03/31

More InfoMaritime transport is arguably the most important transport mode and considered the backbone for facilitating international trade. Approximately 80% of global trade by volume and over 70% by value is carried by sea and is handled by seaports worldwide. Within these supply chains, private and public shipping companies, port authorities, import and export companies, and stevedores typically partner and collaborate in the broader management of maritime logistics.

This special issue is unique because it addresses the additional, complex, dimension of “sustainability”. Therefore, contributions that consider all, or at least two, of the following three aspects in the maritime sector fall within the scope of this special issue: i) economic (e.g., profit), ii) environmental (e.g., planet), and social (e.g., people).

The aim of this special issue is to publish high quality papers that address recent advances in theory, practice, and application cognate to sustainably managing maritime supply chains.

Call for Papers: Special issue of Business & Society, Corporate Reputation
Posted: 2014/01/03 
Deadline: 2014/03/31

More InfoA good reputation may be considered one of the most valuable consequences of acting properly and doing the right things in the corporate ambit. With corporate reputation being recognized as a crucial competitive asset, some scholars have listed and analyzed its potential and empirically proven benefits: higher financial profits, more engaged consumers, motivated employees, better workplaces, etc. Being good seems to benefit corporations, at least in the long-run. Why, then, does reputation now seem to be an endangered species, hunted by managers and business people who are more interested in making attractive but illicit short-term profits, than in the more laborious creation of an ethical long-term corporate character? Unpredictable crisis management and communication woes arise everywhere, as do scandals, white-collar crimes, corporate corruption, and so on. Is there a gap between the normative theory, the fruits of academic analysis and the fierce competition among businesses? Can reputation and ethics constitute corporate goals in themselves? Or should increasing profits be the only corporate responsibility?

As reputation has become a fashionable concept in recent years, especially since the outbreak of the most recent financial crisis, this is a very promising research area, especially in the field of business ethics. Finding out about the real relationship between reputation and ethics in the economic and corporate areas is a challenge that is worth addressing.

Call for Papers: Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy
Posted: 2014/03/25 
Deadline: 2014/03/31

More InfoThe Editorial Committee of the Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy, Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti hereby invites submissions for the third edition (Vol. 3, No 1, 2014) for publication in spring 2014. They welcome submissions that focus on any aspect of sustainable development law and policy ranging from the economic, social and environmental dimensions. As such papers that explore broad themes of sustainable development such as agriculture, banking, e-commerce, environment, natural resources, public private partnerships, alternative dispute resolutions, human rights, peace, and conflict studies would be most welcome. They also welcome book reviews, case comments and public lectures. This volume would be a part of a continuing series that would foster the rapid dissemination of preliminary research results and other work in progress by teaching and research scholars. Selected articles would be published in hard copy and also prominently displayed on the institutional website as a resource for scholars and practitioners worldwide. Papers must be based on original research, conform to the usual standard of academic publishing, be fully referenced and presented in the standard format employed by the series. Papers will be evaluated based on their contemporary relevance, contribution to their selected fields of research, structure and analytical vigour. Please refer to the submission guide below. Only articles submitted on or before 12 noon on 31st March 2014 would be considered for publication. All papers should be submitted by email to info@ogeesinstitute.edu.ng For detailed information about this call please visit http://www.ogeesinstitute.edu.ng/images/pdf/CALL%20FOR%20PAPERS.pdf

Young Scholars Think Piece Series Launched
Posted: 2014/03/11 
Deadline: 2014/03/21

More InfoUNRISD is inviting post-graduate students to send innovative contributions to its new Young Scholars Think Piece Series. The Series aims to provide promising young researchers with an opportunity to present their research on social development on a wider platform than is possible within a university setting, thereby contributing to the diversity of ideas within the development community.

If you are a post-graduate student, or if you are a member of faculty who would like to encourage a promising student, please see the Young Scholars Think Piece Series page for more information on how to submit an entry.

The deadline for submission is 21 March 2014, and importantly, contributions must be endorsed by a member of faculty who is familiar with the field.

Call for Papers: The Society for Business Ethics Annual Meeting
Posted: 2014/03/11 
Deadline: 2014/03/15

More InfoThe annual meeting provides an opportunity for members to present their own research results, to become acquainted with the latest developments in teaching and research, to engage in the discussion of emerging business ethics issues, and to enjoy the fellowship of other scholars and professionals in the field. Meetings are held in early August, generally prior to the meeting for the Academy for Management. Recent sites have included Chicago (2009), Montreal (2010), San Antonio (2011), Boston (2012), and the Walt Disney World Resort® (2013). Papers presented at the annual meeting are peer-reviewed. Submissions are welcome from all business ethics scholars and professionals.

Call for Papers: International Sustainability Transitions (IST) Conference 2014
Posted: 2014/03/04 
Deadline: 2014/03/15

More InfoThe 5th anniversary conference will pay special attention to the impacts of sustainability research as well as to recent debates on the role of institutions in sustainability transitions. Keynote lectures will address the core conference themes: Impact and Institutions Confirmed keynote speakers are: Marjan Minnesma (Urgenda), Prof. Raghu Garud (Penn State Smeal College of Business), and Prof. Johan Schot (TUE / SPRU).

The Impact sessions focus on the societal impact that we, as an academic community, have on actual transition processes in society. Can our research outcomes be applied in society and do we actually influence the transformation of our economic system?

The Institutions sessions focus on the role of institutions in sustainability transitions. Institutional theories can help us better understand the impact of formal and informal rules on the behavior of actors. Studying the strategies of actors to change institutional settings is also a fruitful avenue to deepen our understanding of sustainable transition processes.

In addition to submissions related to the conference theme the conference invites submissions from the broad range of research topics related to sustainability transitions. The conference invites scholars who want to present their research at IST 2014 to send in full papers related to sustainability transitions.

The conference strives for high quality oral and poster presentations and a limited number of parallel sessions. For oral presentations the submission of a full paper (max 9000 words) is required. An exception is made for PhD students, who may also submit an extended abstract (2000 words).

Call for Papers: Hastings Center Report: Teaching Bioethics‏
Posted: 2014/01/03 
Deadline: 2014/03/10

More InfoThe Hastings Center Report and the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues are planning a special issue to address current themes in bioethics education. Mil­dred Solomon, president and CEO of The Hastings Center, and Lisa M Lee, Executive Director of the Bioethics Commission, will guest edit the issue.

Papers on the following broad topics are invited:
  • Assessing the state of bioethics education (What work has been done? How do we assess? What are potential measures? What is the research agenda?).
  • Incorporating professional, clinical, research, and public health ethics education into medical and STEM education at secondary, undergraduate, and graduate levels.
  • Methods for bioethics instruction (casuistry, decision-making frameworks, pedagogical inno­vations, interpreting the role of history, etc.).
  • Best practices in bioethics education.
Manuscripts are encouraged from individuals teaching in traditional and nontraditional settings with traditional as well as nontraditional students. All manuscripts will be subject to the standard peer review process by the Hastings Center Report edi­tor and peer reviewers.

Call for Papers: Cross-Sector Partnership Symposium 2014
Posted: 2014/02/21 
Deadline: 2014/02/28

More InfoCross-sector partnerships have become an essential strategic tool for organizations around the globe. Business organizations, non-profits, governmental agencies, and communities increasingly realize the value of collaboration with organizations from other sectors as a means to access key resources they do not possess, and to pursue objectives they could not achieve on their own (Austin & Seitanidi, 2012; Dahlberg, 2007; Kolk, Dolen, & Vock, 2010; Kolk, Van Tulder, & Kostwinder, 2008; Parker, 2003; Seitanidi & Ryan, 2007; Waddock, 1988). At the same time, the vastly different organizational logics of these sectors make collaboration particularly challenging (Dahan, Doh, Oetzel, & Yaziji, 2010; Rivera-Santos & Rufín, 2011; Selsky & Parker, 2005).

Started in 2007, the symposia on Cross Sector Social Interactions (CSSI) aim to bring together academics and practitioners in the field of CSSI every two years in order to discuss and share insights from both theory and practice. Building on this momentum, the 4th International Symposium on Cross Sector Social Interactions will take stock of advances in CSSI since the previous symposium in 2012, and will bring together scholars and practitioners to develop not only knowledge and concepts, but also tools and methods.

Special Track on Responsible Innovation & Innovation Ethics, EBEN 2014 conference
Posted: 2014/04/26 
Deadline: 2014/02/28

More Info

During the next annual meeting of the European Business Ethics Network (EBEN), June 12-14 2014 (Berlin), They have organized a special track on Responsible Innovation & Innovation Ethics

They would like to invite you to submit an abstract for this special track (deadline: February 28th)

Special Track EBEN AC 2014
Responsible Innovation & Innovation Ethics

Responsible Innovation is an emerging concept to balance economic, socio-cultural and environmental aspects in innovation processes (European Commission 2011). Because technological innovations can contribute significantly to the solution of societal challenges like climate change or the aging of people, but can also have negative societal consequences, it is assumed that social and ethical aspects should be considered during the innovation process. By involving multiple stakeholders in innovation processes at an early stage, “societal actors and innovators become mutually responsive to each other with a view to the (ethical) acceptability, sustainability and societal desirability of the innovation process and its marketable products” (von Schomberg 2013: 63). The consideration of ethical and social aspects during innovation processes will lead not only to technological innovations which are socially acceptable but also socially desirable (cf. Matter 2011). The concept of responsible innovation expresses the ambition to address societal needs, next to the more traditional objectives of innovation like economic growth, profit maximization, competitive advantage etc. Because the concept of responsible innovation is relatively new and still evolving in different directions (cf. Owen et al. 2013; van den Hoven et al. 2013), the ethical implications for the innovation processes of large corporations and SMEs are still under-researched (Blok & Lemmens, 2014).

Both empirical and conceptual papers are welcome and they strongly encourage multi-disciplinary submissions in areas such as:

  • Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Business Ethics
  • Public Administration
  • Policy and Organizational Behaviour

IABS Best Paper Award 2014
Posted: 2014/02/14 
Deadline: 2014/02/21

More InfoIABS Best Paper Competition 2014 for Papers Published in 2012

DEADLINE for nominations is February 21, 2014.

Please submit your best paper of 2012 for the IABS Best Paper Award 2014. This annual IABS award is co-sponsored by the California Management Review and carries a small monetary award. The winner will be announced at the IABS meeting in Sydney, Australia.

All submitted papers will be read and carefully considered by the awards selection committee. Both self-nominations and nominations of other people’s work are encouraged. For self nominations, please select the best one to submit on your own behalf if there are multiple papers in 2012 that you may have authored or co-authored.

The criteria for nominations are:
  1. At least one author must be a current member of IABS, and
  2. The paper must have been published in calendar year 2012 in a print or online journal.
- Electronic (pdf) submission is preferred, but hard copy submissions will be accepted as well.
- Be sure that the full citation is included in your email.
- Please write “IABS best paper nomination” in the email subject line.

Send nominations to:
Karen Maas, Best Paper Award Committee Chair
Via email: maas@ese.eur.nl;

Or mail: KEH Maas, Erasmus School of Economics, Department of Business Economics (H14-12), PO Box 1738, 3000 DR Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Call for Papers: Sustainability in Business Conference, Edinburgh
Posted: 2014/02/04 
Deadline: 2014/02/14

More InfoThe first sustainable mini-conference in 2013 facilitated discussion on the motivations, implementation, and outcomes of sustainability and responsibility in business. This second mini-conference at the University of Edinburgh Business School focuses on embedding sustainability. Scholars with papers on sustainable and responsible business are welcome to submit their work for the conference but preference will be given to those that directly address the theme of the conference – “Embedding Sustainability: What Does It Mean and How Can It Be Achieved”.

Leaders in the field of sustainable business will provide talks to frame the day’s discussions. Professor Bobby Banerjee (Cass Business School, City University London) will open the conference, providing a leading-edge research perspective. The practitioner keynote will be announced closer to the conference date.

The conference will comprise of three components:
  • Academic paper sessions: researchers will provide a 20 minute presentation followed by 10 minutes of discussion.
  • Research conversation sessions: competitively-selected PhD students will be formed into groups of 4 to receive constructive feedback from senior academics and peers. These sessions are organised in collaboration with the British Academy of Management, Sustainable and Responsible Business special interest group.
  • Practice based sessions: a panel of practitioners will discuss their views on the conference theme.
Academic paper sessions:
Papers will undergo a double blind review process. Authors should submit EITHER a full paper (6,000 – 10,000 words plus a 250 abstract) OR a short paper (3,000 – 6,000 words plus a 250 word abstract).
Two (2) copies of the paper should be submitted:
Copy 1: Full or short paper with author(s), affiliation, and contact details on cover page
Copy 2: Full or short paper with no identifying details
*Please note that accepted papers may be invited to be included in an edited book being planned on the topic of embedding sustainability.

Research conversation sessions:
PhD students should submit one (1) copy of a 1,000 word summary of their research, including a
100 word abstract, contact details, and a brief description of key challenges. [Note: PhD students are also encouraged to submit academic papers in addition to the research conversation].
*Please note that the research conversation sessions are limited to a maximum of 12 students.

Call for Papers: Gronen 2014 Conference
Posted: 2013/09/12 
Deadline: 2014/02/07

More InfoThe bi-annual Gronen research conference, organized this time by Aalto University School of Business will be held in Helsinki, Finland 16.-18. June 2014. The theme of the conference is: How can corporate responsibility tackle critical global sustainability challenges?

Gronen 2014 conference focuses on research of corporate responsibility policies, strategies and activities, as well as the influence and impact of CR with regard to three broad global sustainability challenge areas, namely
  • Climate change and scarcity of natural resources
  • Global poverty and inequality
  • Growth or degrowth – how and for whom?
Linked with the conference there will be a special issue on Poverty, Business Strategy, and Sustainable Development in Organization & Environment. The Call is available at here

Call For Papers: 7th Annual Undergraduate Symposium
Posted: 2013/11/19 
Deadline: 2014/02/01

More InfoThe Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics fosters interdisciplinary reflection on moral issues, including questions of justice and public policy, character, duty, and responsibility. In this seventh year, they will again host the DePauw Undergraduate Ethics Symposium, designed to encourage undergraduate scholarship and artistic work. This symposium is an outstanding opportunity for student scholars, creative writers, filmmakers and photographers to discuss their ethics-related work with leading scholars and professionals in their fields and to participate in a significant discussion of ethical concerns.

Although they encourage submissions on the “Virtue and Victory: Ethical Challenges in Competitive Life” theme, undergraduate students may submit essays and creative project on any topic in ethics. The Prindle Institute welcomes works centered on ethics from all disciplines, including the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and the arts. Examples of the types of works accepted in the past include: argumentative and analytic essays, creative writing, poetry, film, documentaries and photography.

The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2014. Verbal texts should be submitted in Microsoft Word format, not pdf. (N.B. Place your name and affiliation in a separate document, so that the works may be read anonymously.) The precise format of the visual entries may vary, but please note that all works must be submitted electronically, so that they may be transmitted easily to the faculty readers and other students. Please submit the written work in Chicago style. Student essayists (both scholarly and creative non-fiction) and student fiction writers should submit work which does not exceed 3,500 words. Student poets should submit 5-10 poems, not more than 10 pages total; student playwrights and screenwriters should submit a single dramatic work, up to 10 pages in length; film makers and documentarians should submit a single film, up to 10 minutes long; photographers should submit approximately 10 photographs or a video accompanied by a short description. Students whose works are accepted for the Symposium will be notified by March 1, 2014.

For further information, please contact Linda Clute, Assistant Director, lclute@depauw.edu.

Call for Papers: Virtue and Victory: Ethical Challenges in Competitive Life
Posted: 2014/01/03 
Deadline: 2014/02/01

More InfoCompetition is a pervasive feature of human life; we find it on the athletic field as well as in politics, the business world, the courtroom and the classroom. What obligations do we have to our adversaries? Do virtue and integrity enhance or impede our quest for victory? What should we do when winning conflicts with doing the right thing? Is competition an obstacle to or an essential component of a meaningful life? Can institutionalized competition in economics or politics enhance the public interest? How should competition be effectively regulated?

Symposium organizers strongly encourage undergraduate students to submit original work that broadly addresses this year's theme, although essays and creative projects on any topic in ethics are welcome. Submissions can represent disciplines including the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and the arts. Examples of the types of works accepted in the past include argumentative and analytic essays, creative writing, film, documentaries, and photography.

The conference is shaped around a series of workshops in which undergraduate students from an array of colleges and universities present work on a subject of ethical concern. The goal is that each student who participates in the Symposium will have a polished piece of work which s/he can submit in a portfolio, a graduate school application, or an employment application.

All student submissions will be reviewed by a panel of faculty members. Those students whose works are received by the February 1, 2014 deadline, and accepted for inclusion in the Symposium, will have their expenses paid for travel (up to $400), lodging and food. The group will be relatively small. The organizers prefer to have 20 to 30 students to keep the seminar groups at seven to ten students each.

Call for Papers: Sustainability, Ethics and Entrepreneurship (SEE) Conference: Professional Development Workshop
Posted: 2014/01/19 
Deadline: 2014/01/31

More InfoThe Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (SEJ), in collaboration with the SEE Conference organizers, invites you to apply to attend the Professional Development Workshop (PDW) preceding the Academic Research Conference (ARC).

The PDW is designed to meet the needs of later stage doctoral students and those recently graduated beginning their careers as assistant professors. The PDW will feature roundtable workshops, interaction with SEJ’s editorial team members, keynote addresses from senior scholars, and paper development sessions to assist young scholars in transforming their technically competent research into highly impactful manuscripts.

Call for Candidates: PhD Thesis 2° Investing Initiative
Posted: 2014/01/28 
Deadline: 2014/01/31

More InfoThe 2° Investing Initiative (2°ii) is launching a research program on the evaluation of financing the transition to a low-carbon economy. This program consists of 5 thesis topics. Each project will be supervised by 2°ii and conducted in collaboration with a partner company, under the supervision of an academic supervisor.

The 5 thesis subjects are on the following themes:

1. 2° Investment Scenarios
- How can climate scenarios be translated into investment objectives?
- The development and adaptation of 2° investment scenarios for financial institutions.

2. Measuring the Climate Performance of Companies
- How can we assess the adequacy of business strategies and investments in terms of climate goals (what data, which strategies)?
- Evaluation of the climate performance of companies and of their contribution to transition scenarios.

3. Measuring the climate performance of financial institutions
- How can we assess the adequacy of the financing and investment flows of the financial sector vis-à-vis realizing climate objectives?
- Evaluation of the climate performance of financial institutions and of their contribution to transition scenarios.

4. Materiality of climate change risks for the financial sector
- How can we assess the materiality of climate risks for the financial sector?
- Evaluation of exposure to climate risk through stress-tests

5. Financial Performance of “2° Investment”
- How should we characterize 2° investing in terms of risk and performance?
- Definition of successful 2° allocation strategy

All applications must be directed to the 2° Investing Initiative, attention to Hugues Chenet (hugueschenet@2degrees-investing.org), and should include a detailed CV and a cover letter detailing the research proposal.

The applicant is free to propose a thesis director / host laboratory with which he/she is already in advanced discussions.

Call for Papers: Sustainability, Ethics and Entrepreneurship (SEE) Conference: Academic Research Conference
Posted: 2014/01/19 
Deadline: 2014/01/22

More InfoThe Sustainability, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship (SEE) Conference draws on knowledge from diverse disciplines. These include but are not limited to studies on sustainability, social entrepreneurship, business ethics, firm-community ties, and environmental impacts. The fact that ethics and sustainability are intertwined with the concept of entrepreneurship is no longer new. Indeed, ethical choices are critical to any business activity and key to the success of startups, small firms, medium enterprises, and large, multinational corporations. Some even suggest that the focus on sustainability, ethics, and entrepreneurship triangulates every economic opportunity and social value. The goal of the conference is to lead the advancement and accumulation of knowledge about SEE-related topics.

This sharing of scholarly research is the foundation of the annual SEE Conference, which serves as a platform for discussing cutting-edge research, ideas and theories, while fostering collaborative efforts, and building a worldwide network of scholars who advance the state of knowledge about SEE-related research.

The authors of accepted abstracts may be invited to publish their papers in an edited volume by World Scientific Publishing (Don Siegel; Editor-In-Chief. Gideon Markman; Volume Editor).

Call for Papers: Ethics in Accounting, Finance and Banking: Toward a More Comprehensive Integration
Posted: 2013/09/14 
Deadline: 2014/01/20

More InfoThe proposal of this Symposium is to reflect on and discuss the role of ethics in finance, accounting and banking and how such activities can be understood in a more comprehensive way, consistently integrating ethics in these practices. The topics cover a wide spectrum –from the philosophical, anthropological and ethical foundation of finance and accounting to more practically-oriented topics, such as ethical aspects of corporate finance and accounting, managerial accounting, banking, financial markets and responsible investing, as well as teaching ethics in finance and accounting courses. Conceptual papers as well as empirical research, including case studies, are welcome.

Call for Papers: ASAC 2014 Conference: Sustainability and Innovation in Work and Leisure
Posted: 2014/01/14 
Deadline: 2014/01/20

More InfoThe conference represents an opportunity to examine and discuss issues and phenomena about change and the ecological, social and economic impacts on our workspaces and society. The theme is a broad basis which should provide a good environment for practitioners, teachers and scholars to reflect and share their unique perspectives.

Original papers, written in English or French, should be submitted electronically to the appropriate ASAC division in Microsoft Word. All contributions will be peer reviewed, and all accepted papers may have an abridged version included in the Proceedings. Awards recognizing the best papers will be presented at the conference.

For submission guidelines please see the website at www.asac.ca. All papers must be submitted via the conference webpage www.asac.ca no later than January 20th, 2014. Late submissions and submissions made directly to divisional executive members will not be accepted.

Case Track:
Authors of empirical cases, non-fictional cases with clear decision focus, relevant for undergraduate or graduate programs are invited to submit their case, and accompanying teaching notes, via the conference webpage www.asac.ca no later than January 20th, 2014. The same requirements and blind review procedures apply to case track submissions as for submissions to ASAC divisions. Awards recognizing the best cases submitted will be presented at the Conference.

Call for Submissions: Conference and Special Issue: Normative Business Ethics in a Global Economy
Posted: 2013/08/29 
Deadline: 2014/01/15

More InfoThe scholarship of Tom Donaldson has helped set the agenda and boundaries of the field of business ethics. Donaldson has written about an extraordinary range of topics over the last thirty years. His writing in each of these areas inspires business ethics scholars, not only because of the importance of his ideas, but also because he combines an analytic rigor with knowledge of global markets and firms.

Papers may challenge and dispute Donaldson, develop and extend his arguments, or take themes from his work in wholly new directions. Both empirical and normative submissions are welcome.

Call for Papers: The Journal of Corporate Citizenship
Posted: 2013/12/17 
Deadline: 2014/01/15

More InfoJCC is inviting papers for Issue 54, which is scheduled to be published in June 2014.

Papers of between 3,000 and 6,000 words are invited for double-blind peer review. Papers submitted as ‘Turning Points’ need not adhere to the word limit. See the online notes for contributors or contact the Editor for more information.

Please submit your paper via the online submission form: www.greenleaf-publishing.com/jcc or by email to the editor at jcc@greenleaf-publishing.com.

Topics related to corporate citizenship can include (but are not limited to): corporate responsibility, stakeholder relationships, public policy, sustainability and environment, human and labour rights/issues, governance, accountability and transparency, globalisation, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as multinational firms, ethics, measurement, and specific issues related corporate citizenship, such as diversity, poverty, education, information, trust, supply chain management, and problematic or constructive corporate/human behaviours and practices.

A key feature of JCC is the ‘Turning Points’ section. Turning Points are commentaries, controversies, new ideas, essays and insights that we hope will be provocative and engaging, raise the important issues of the day and provide observations on what is too new yet to be the subject of empirical and theoretical studies. JCC also encourages innovative or creative submissions for peer review. Innovative submissions can highlight issues of corporate citizenship from a critical perspective, enhance practical or conceptual understanding of corporate citizenship, or provide new insights or alternative perspectives on the realities of corporate citizenship in today’s world.

Call for Papers: Normative Business Ethics in a Global Economy: New Directions in Donaldsonian Themes
Posted: 2013/12/31 
Deadline: 2014/01/15

More InfoThe scholarship of Tom Donaldson has helped set the agenda and boundaries of the field of business ethics. Donaldson has written about an extraordinary range of topics over the last thirty years, including: normative theories of the purpose of the corporation such as social contract theory and stakeholder theory (e.g., Donaldson 1982, Donaldson and Dunfee 1999, Donaldson 1999, Donaldson 2011); responsibility in the financial services industry (e.g., Donaldson 2008); epistemology in economic interpretations of business (e.g., Donaldson 2012); responsibilities of firms operating across international borders (e.g., Donaldson 1989, Donaldson 1994); and social mores, social contracts, and economic life (e.g., Donaldson 2001, Donaldson 2010). His writing in each of these areas inspires business ethics scholars, not only because of the importance of his ideas, but also because he combines an analytic rigor with knowledge of global markets and firms.

In appreciation of Donaldson’s contributions to the field of business ethics, BEQ solicits papers for a fest- schrift to appear in Business Ethics Quarterly. Papers may challenge and dispute Donaldson, develop and extend his arguments, or take themes from his work in wholly new directions. Both empirical and normative submissions are welcome.

Authors may elect to submit papers to a conference to be held at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, honoring Donaldson to be held in October 17–18, 2014. To be considered for participation in the conference, please submit an 800–1000 word abstract of your paper no later than January15, 2014 to tomascol@wharton.upenn.edu. Abstracts must include the following information: Title; statement of the problems or issues to be considered; statement of thesis and summary of argument; and an overview of the relevant literature. Authors’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, affiliations, e-mail addresses, and biographies (200 words maximum) must be included on a separate page. This information should not be included in the word count. A full version of the paper should be submitted by August 15, 2014.

Papers for the special issue of BEQ must be submitted by January 15, 2015 after the conference via the BEQ online submission system. Participation in the conference is not a requirement for submission to the special issue of BEQ. Manuscripts should be prepared according to the BEQ Author Guide and will be blind reviewed following the journal’s standard process. Presentation at the conference does not guarantee eventual publication in BEQ. Papers should not exceed 12,000 words.

Call for Papers: Harold T. Shapiro Postdoctoral Fellowship in Bioethics
Posted: 2013/12/03 
Deadline: 2014/01/13

More InfoThe University Centre for Human Values invites applications for the Harold T. Shapiro Postdoctoral Fellowship in Bioethics for a possible opening in September 2014.

Qualifications: Applicants must have completed all the requirements for the Ph.D., M.D., or other equivalent doctoral degree by September 1, 2014, and must not have held the degree for more than three years by September 1, 2014. An applicant may have a background in any area of ethical studies, not necessarily in bioethics. However, the proposed research plan should be related to the field of bioethics.

Term of Appointment: The term of the fellowship is one year, beginning September 1, 2014, with the possibility of renewal for up to two additional years pending satisfactory performance.

How to Apply: Candidates should submit an online application at http://jobs.princeton.edu. Search for requisition number #1300700. The online system includes instructions on how to apply. Application materials should be submitted online by Monday, January 13, 2014. Letters of reference are to be submitted by January 15. If a vacancy for this position is confirmed, the selection committee will review applications immediately, and hopes to announce decisions by March 14, 2014.

Call for Papers: 9th Philosophy of Management International Conference
Posted: 2014/01/13 
Deadline: 2014/01/13

More InfoPhilosophy of Management 2014 is the ninth in a series of conferences open to all. It will be of special interest to philosophers, management researchers and teachers, consultants and practicing managers. This will be the first conference held in the US and we will follow a very successful and established model used at earlier conferences at St Anne’s College, Oxford. They are designing an event to offer opportunities for unhurried presentation of papers and discussion, high-quality supportive interaction and feedback, ample opportunity for networking and a gathering in which all participants can pursue informal, rich conversations and the continuing exploration of shared concerns. Participants will be limited to 75 plus plenary speakers.

The overall theme of the conference is to explore the connections among philosophy and management with special attention paid to business ethics and economics, since these two disciplines often form the underpinning for management.

Contributions are invited to any of the Conference tracks – or on any aspect of philosophy of management and from within any cultural or philosophical tradition. They will especially welcome papers, panels and workshops on the relationship between philosophy and management practice.

Call for Papers: 6th Annual ARCS Conference
Posted: 1800/01/01 
Deadline: 2014/01/09

More InfoThis sixth annual conference of the Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability (ARCS) will bring together scholars from a variety of disciplinary and methodological perspectives interested in advancing research on corporate sustainability. ARCS is a consortium of universities and individuals, and serves as a professional society of scholars studying the interface between business and sustainability. ARCS provides data, tools, and networking opportunities to researchers who are developing a greater understanding of the opportunities and limits of policies and strategies to foster sustainable business.

The Conference welcomes unpublished working papers focused on business and sustainability (both social and environmental) from all disciplines and research areas. Papers drawn from economics, law, operations, organizational theory, political science, psychology and decision making, sociology, strategy and other fields are within the realm of the conference. The Conference is receptive to a wide range of perspectives and methods including empirical research, theory development, formal theoretical modeling, and experimental methods. The conference is particularly interested in papers that have implications for management, organizations and policy.

Examples of suitable topics for the ARCS Conference include non-market strategy, climate change management, sustainability reporting and disclosure, green supply chains, green marketing, sustainable finance, renewable energy investments, business/NGO partnerships, sustainable mobility, social dimensions of sustainability, cleantech innovation, green entrepreneurship, sustainable natural resource management, and “base of the pyramid” development strategies.

The conference will begin with dinner on Wednesday, May 7th and conclude mid-afternoon on Friday, May 9th, 2014.

Call for Papers (Open): The Journal of Environmental Investing 2013
Posted: 2013/04/05 
Deadline: 2013/12/31

More InfoThe Journal of Environmental Investing (the JEIwww.thejei.com) is now accepting papers, commentaries, opinion pieces, and book reviews for publication. The JEI promotes intellectually rigorous discourse at the intersection of investing and the environment and is particularly interested in publishing original papers on the following investment-related themes:
  • Sustainable property, including but not limited to:
    • Analyzing the challenges of sustainable property development and management
    • Defining and developing both existing and new sustainable properties
    • Developing rules, collecting data, and marketing best practices for investment and environmental gains
    • Water, including but not limited to:
      • Water and wastewater infrastructure
      • Managing water risks and addressing supply chain challenges
      • Guaranteeing long-term access to clean, fresh water worldwide
Papers in the following areas of interest are also considered for publication:
  • Clean technologies, including energy storage and efficiency
  • Land use, land use change, and forestry
  • Carbon and greenhouse gases
Special consideration will be given to papers that address macro trends redefining the global investment sphere, such as the growing economic and industrial importance of emerging markets, as well as the continuing trends of resource scarcity and degradation. The editors welcome inquiries about manuscript ideas. For additional information and specific guidelines and instructions for making submissions, please go to http://www.thejei.com. Contributors are required to register for the open-access and free Journal of Environmental Investing. Abstracts and papers will be accepted only through the web site. The JEI approaches scholarship collaboratively; it aspires to fulfill the needs of its diverse readership. Suggestions for new themes, syntheses, guest editors, or reviewers are welcome. The Editorial Board at the JEI is committed to the highest scholarly standards and looks forward to incorporating your ideas in upcoming issues.

Call for Abstracts: A Canadian Strategy for the UN Principles on Business & Human Rights
Posted: 2013/08/20 
Deadline: 2013/12/09

The United Nations (UN) “Protect, Respect and Remedy” Framework for Business and Human Rights, developed by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises, John 
Ruggie, is the essential elaboration of the relationship between human rights and business. This authoritative framework outlines that states have obligations under human rights to “protect” rights as well as provide “remedies” for violations in relation to business, and that business must “respect” human rights. John Ruggie operationalized this Framework with the subsequent release in 2011 of the UN “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights”, endorsed by the UN Human Rights Council in 2011. The framework guides a multitude of actors and organizations including the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development in the development of initiatives in business and human rights.

To date, there are now several states that are supporting the incorporation of the Ruggie Guiding Principles into practice. The impact of these Guiding Principles upon the Canadian context however, remains to be seen. How does or should the Framework influence the business sector, government, non-governmental organizations or academics in Canada?

In light of international developments, there will be a two-day conference at Ryerson University in Toronto. The first day on May 8th will be the academic component. The second day on May 9th will be the multi-sectoral/-stakeholder component to explore directions for the Canadian response to the UN Guiding Principles.

Abstracts (maximum 250 words) are welcomed for short oral presentations to consider any relevant academic avenue related to the Guiding Principles including potential directions for Canadian follow-up. Abstracts from any discipline or describing multidisciplinary approaches to research are welcomed.

Call for Papers: Corporate Social Performance: Paradoxes, Pitfalls and Pathways To The Better World
Posted: 2013/11/14 
Deadline: 2013/12/04

More InfoThe last decade had abundant corporate, national and international ethical and financial scandals and crises. After this epoch of moral catastrophes stakeholders expect that corporations which are considered as the most powerful institutions today and which have enormous impact on our planet’s ecosystems and social networks will take more active roles as citizens within society and in the fight against some of the most pressing problems in the world, such as poverty, environmental degradation, defending human rights, corruption, and pandemic diseases.

This book will invite and set the stage for the debate about the contemporary perspectives in Corporate Social Performance and Policy and the future of the Corporate Social Performance.

Proposals are invited for chapters on CSP in the age of irresponsibility (which will presents a positive as well as a negative views, empirical reflections as well as normative thoughts) and proposals for chapters which will try to indicate the effective tools for humanizing of modern corporations.

Book chapter proposals received: December 4, 2013
Notification of accepted chapter proposals: December 20, 2013
Receipt of full book chapters: April 4, 2014
Chapter authors receive reviews with feedback: May 4, 2014
Final revisions due: June 20, 2014

Call for Papers: IABS 2014
Posted: 2013/09/24 
Deadline: 2013/12/02

More InfoThe past 25 years has witnessed considerable development in our understanding of the relationship between society and business. But, mostly our scholarship has placed business at the centre of this analysis. What happens when we take society’s perspective? What social issues, challenges and impacts should business address? What is our study of ‘society and business’ meant to achieve?

The theme of the 25th anniversary IABS conference to be held in June 2014 invites you to consider the broader societal, normative and political objectives of the IABS field. Let’s turn this field ‘upside-down down-under’! Can CSR be transformational of business organisations? Do we need to re-think the role and purpose of business in the context of global social and environmental challenges? Does CSR and our society and business theorising have sufficient intellectual strength to consider fundamental change in the society and business relationship?

Given that the 2014 conference will also be the 25th anniversary IABS conference the conference will also be seeking input and reflections from the founders of our movement. The conference particularly welcome ‘experimental’ work – ideas that are not necessarily fully formed, but represent innovative attempts to make sense of Business & Society phenomena in new ways. A doctoral consortium and workshop will also be part of this conference.

Call for papers: Business, Peace and Sustainable Development
Posted: 2013/07/30 
Deadline: 2013/12/01

More InfoBusiness, Peace and Sustainable Development (BPSD) is a new peer-reviewed, online journal that aims at understanding the role of the business sector in enhancing peace, reducing violence and contributing to sustainable development. It is also aimed at understanding the importance of peace to the economy and markets. While some research has been published on business and peace and peace through commerce, BPSD is the first journal dedicated to mutual contribution of business and peace. Peace is the absence of violence, but it also incorporates social justice, human rights, stability and sustainable development. Peace is essential to address the global challenges facing humanity today. Without peace we will be unable to achieve the levels of cooperation, inclusiveness and social equity necessary to solve problems such as climate change, global poverty and the health crisis. Corporate Peace is defined as the incorporation of peace and reduction of violence into a company’s strategy, decision-making and the value chain in order to raise awareness to peace, support and enhance it. Corporate Peace is an umbrella concept that contains business, social and strategic dimensions. Corporate Peace is an idea whose time has come. Companies, through their power, knowledge, financial and other resources can have a tremendous impact on the peacefulness of our world. Through the resources they control and people they employ, corporations possess real economic and political power and have the ability to significantly impact the natural environment as well as the political one. Businesses can create the conditions needed for peace and can contribute to the reduction of violence locally, nationally, and globally.

Papers of between 3,000 and 6,000 words are invited for double-blind peer review. See http://www.greenleaf-publishing.com/bpsd or contact the Editor for more information. Contributions are also invited for BPSD’s ‘Peace Dialogues’ section, which will publish in each issue and provide a space for viewpoints, case studies, responses to previous papers, sharing work in progress and more. Content submitted to ‘Peace Dialogues’ is not subject to a minimum word limit or to double blind peer review.

Contact details:
Editor: Dr. Debbie Haski-Leventhal, Macquarie Graduate School of Management, E-mail: debbie.haski-leventhal@mgsm.edu.au
Publisher: Claire Jackson, Greenleaf Publishing, E-mail: claire.jackson@greenleaf-publishing.com

Call for Papers: Journal of Business Ethics Special Issue
Posted: 2013/08/03 
Deadline: 2013/12/01

More InfoThis Special Issue seeks to add to this field of enquiry at the intersection of organizational justice and behavioral ethics by focusing specifically on important, but so far overlooked contextual influences on behavioral ethics and justice at work. Submissions that explore research topics such as the following are invited:
  • How cultural, organisational and other differences in values and norms of behavior may explain moral decisions and reactions to such decisions.
  • The influence of social domains on behavior and perceptions of ethicality, such as negotiation and lying.
  • Leaders’ use of ethics and fairness (both rhetorically and substantially) to build their legitimacy in and outside of their organizations.
  • Ethical challenges within international business and globalization – including international and diverse employees, management of supply chains etc.
  • The impact of workgroup composition and group fairness norms on ethical behavior within the group and amongst groups.
  • The priming effect of different situational cues for moral identities and self-regulation.
  • The impact of different incentive systems on pro-social behaviors in organizations and in states.
  • The impact of formal versus informal elements of an organisation’s ethical infrastructure on justice dynamics and behavior.
While the above list is not meant to be exhaustive, the key requirement is that papers have a primary focus on contextual effects on behavioral ethics and/or organizational justice. Research that combines the two would, of course, make for the best fit.

Call for Papers: Business, Society and the Environment in Africa - Special Issue of Business and Society
Posted: 2013/10/04 
Deadline: 2013/12/01

More InfoThis special issue of Business and Society aims to contribute to the development of theoretical and empirical insights on the role of business in African countries, in the context of the important environmental, social and governance challenges faced by the Continent. The need for knowledge to help further sustainable development, in an equitable and accountable way, makes a better understanding of business in Africa particularly urgent, especially considering the relative lack of research published on these themes in management and organization journals. To address the specific situation in African countries, existing theories and frameworks may need to be extended, adjusted or replaced by approaches that could have implications beyond the continent. Conversely, current paradigms may be directly applicable to the African context as such, but data limitations may require methodological adaptations.

Deadline: Manuscripts must be received by 1 December 2013, and should be sent to mrivera@babson.edu.

Call for Papers: Stakeholders and Regulatory Issues in Ethical Management - Administrative Sciences
Posted: 2013/06/18 
Deadline: 2013/11/30

More InfoThe following Special Issue will be published in Administrative Sciences (http://www.mdpi.com/journal/admsci/, ISSN 2076-3387), and is now open to receive submissions of full research papers and comprehensive review articles for peer-review and possible publication:

Special Issue: Stakeholders and Regulatory Issues in Ethical Management
Website: http://www.mdpi.com/si/admsci/ethical-management
Guest Editor: Prof. Dr. Charles Wankel
Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 November 2013

You may send your manuscript now or up until the deadline. Submitted papers should not have been published previously, nor be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors are also encouraged to send their tentative title and short abstracts to the Editorial Office (admsci@mdpi.com) for approval.

Call for Papers: oikos Case Writing Competition 2014
Posted: 2013/08/03 
Deadline: 2013/11/11

More Infooikos and Ashoka aim to promote the creation of high quality teaching cases on Corporate Sustainability (supported by oikos foundation) and Social Entrepreneurship (supported by Ashoka). The competition welcomes entries from all parts of the world. Submitted case studies should be suitable for use in management education and should be related to managerial issues faced by organisations and individuals.

Applicants may be teachers, research assistants or students of business administration (or related areas). Case entries may have more than one author, and each applicant may submit one case per track only.

The first prize in each track will be 5000 Swiss Francs (2nd: CHF 2000 and 3rd: CHF 1000). Winners will be invited to present their case at high-level conferences in the field. Details of the winning cases (case abstract, online inspection copy and case purchase information) will be published in the oikos online case collection. Each case contributor will receive a written feedback on the submitted case.

Deadline for case submissions: December 9, 2013
First round decision: February 14, 2014
Final round decision: April 15, 2014

Call for Papers: APPE 2014 Annual Meeting
Posted: 2013/07/23 
Deadline: 2013/11/01

More InfoThe Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE) is a comprehensive, international organization advancing scholarship, education, and practice in practical and professional ethics. As a multidisciplinary association we facilitate and support collaboration among scholars and teachers, business and government leaders, and professionals from all areas including business, engineering, government, journalism, law, medicine, scientific research, social work, and others concerned with the practical application of ethics and values.

This call invites individuals from all disciplines and professions interested in advancing understanding of practical and professional ethics. Submissions are invited on ethical issues in all fields, including: Business, Engineering, Government, Journalism and Media, Law, Medicine, Social Work as well as interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary topics that cut across professions such as Action Research, Biomedical, Education Environmental, Public Health, and Research Ethics.

Submissions in the following categories are invited: (1) Formal Papers or Individual Presentations; (2) Panel Discussions; (3) Pedagogical Demonstrations; (4) Case Study Presentations; (5) RCR Posters and (6) Creative Arts Presentations (e.g., short play, poetry, or fiction).  In practice, one individual submission per person will be accepted.

Please see the Submission Guidelines and Categories page for full details.

Call for Papers: Virtual Conference on Moral Leadership
Posted: 2013/10/22 
Deadline: 2013/10/31

More InfoRegent University's School of Business & Leadership invites submissions for the fourth Annual Virtual Conference on Moral Leadership to be held online December 8-14, 2013.

Moral leadership comes naturally to some and is more elusive for others; however, it is something to which all leaders should aspire. At this year's Moral Leadership Conference, conference goers will profile exceptional moral leaders to gain insight into their character, what motivates them and how they have impacted the lives of others.

This week-long conference will be conducted solely via the Internet and is designed to explore the moral dimensions of organizational leadership, and to promote and foster new research in this field.

PAPER SUBMISSION: To submit a completed paper or leader profile suggestion, email either of the conference chairs. Completed papers that are submitted must follow the submission guidelines. All papers will be reviewed.

The deadline for submission of all completed papers is October 31, 2013.

Call for Papers: 4th Global Conference on Spirituality in the 21st Century
Posted: 2013/07/23 
Deadline: 2013/10/11

More InfoThe contemporary study of spirituality encompasses a wide range of interests. These have come not only from the more traditional areas of religious scholarship—Theology, Philosophy of Religion, History of Religion, Comparative Religion, Mysticism—but also more recently from such diverse fields as Management, Medicine, Business, Counseling, Ecology, Communication, Performance Studies and Education – among many others.

This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary conference invites a broad range of scholars and practitioners who seek to challenge disciplinary silos by exploring the spiritual foundations upon which their fields of inquiry stand. Papers and/or presentations are welcomed from any academic, professional and/or vocational area in which Spirituality plays a part.

Call for Papers: Virtues and Virtuousness: Will the Twain Ever Meet?
Posted: 2013/04/04 
Deadline: 2013/10/01

More InfoThe increased interest in virtue ethics in business, management and organization studies since the turn of the century has been associated with the development of scales measuring the incidence and associations of particular virtues. Studies have demonstrated correlations between virtue measures at individual (e.g. Peterson and Seligman 2004), team (e.g. Palanski, Kahai and Yammarino 2011) and organizational (e.g. Chun 2005) levels with such variables as organizational performance, citizenship behaviours and job satisfaction.  But a virtue ethics scholar who has received classical philosophical training may not even recognize, much less feel identified with this body of literature. Why so?

For the Business Ethics: A European Review special issue on “Virtues and Virtuousness: Will the Twain Ever Meet?”, contributions that study this two-pronged approach, philosophical and foundational, on the one hand, and psychological, empirical and quantitative, on the other are invited. The European Review is particularly keen to publish articles which, having clearly defined the potentials and limitations of each method, proceed to explore possible synergies between the two that may shape the future of virtue ethics in business, management and organizations. Apart from philosophy and psychology, research carried out in other disciplines such as economic theory, sociology, organization theory and neuroscience, among others, would also be much appreciated. Both theoretical or conceptual and practical or applied works, including case studies and discussions are welcome.

Call for Papers: IEEE International Symposium on Ethics in Engineering, Science and Technology
Posted: 2013/07/02 
Deadline: 2013/09/15

More InfoWith the evolution of science, technology and engineering, ethical problems often arise. Ethics and ethical conduct have become a critical issue in the 21st Century. Scientists, technologists and engineers of all ages, students as well as senior professionals, encounter ethical challenges in their professional and personal lives. Often, an answer to such challenges arises from brainstorming sessions and intense discussions. Are ethics and morals the same? Are ethics and laws consistent? Could professional ethics in one discipline conflict with ethical conduct of another discipline? Should ethics be sacrificed for global “competitiveness”?

Furthermore, ethical conduct has global and cultural perspectives. Could unethical conduct in one culture be acceptable in another? What is the difference between ethics and codes of conduct? Are there principles that could be considered as valid through all cultures? Could we claim that the fundamental bases of ethics are independent of our origins?

With all these questions (and many others) in mind, IEEE is delighted to announce the first IEEE International Symposium on Ethics in Engineering, Science, Technology (IEEE Ethics 2014).

Prospective authors are invited to submit original, unpublished papers on their latest research results covering all aspects of Ethics in Science, Technology and Engineering. IEEE will also solicit proposals for special paper sessions, panels, workshops and tutorials. Workshops and tutorials provide fundamental exposure to topics ranging from introductory through intermediate to advanced levels. They will be presented in two-to-three hour in-depth sessions at the Symposium

Call for Papers: XII International Studying Leadership Conference
Posted: 2013/07/16 
Deadline: 2013/09/01

More InfoThe conference main theme will be "Sustainable Leadership for Socially Responsible Organizations".

The recent crises have revealed a series of fractures within both political and business organizations. Corporate governance models are no longer fit for purpose given the complexity of modern society and business. The focus on the narrow interests of shareholders  are overly simplistic, failing to recognize the systemic functions of business in global and local society. Clearly, current leaders should better integrate and balance between their own needs, society’s, the organisation’s and the planet’s to achieve better long term outcomes.

The Conference encourages scholarly contributions that look into the practice of leadership in order to question current theoretical understandings of leadership. They also encourage a critical perspective by re-focusing normative theories of leadership, offering an opportunity to question monolithic and managerial constructions of leadership, towards more holistic and sustainable approaches.

Call for Papers: Managing for Political Corporate Social Responsibility
Posted: 2012/12/04 
Deadline: 2013/08/31

More InfoThe literature on corporate social responsibility (CSR) has taken a ‘political turn’ in recent years. This work has highlighted how firms are increasingly involved in the provision of public goods and shape global business regulation in various ways. While the debate on these issues has proliferated in recent years, the various ways along which political CSR evolves have remained largely unexplored.

The Journal of Management Studies invites conceptual and empirical submissions drawing on a range of theoretical perspectives and diverse methodologies. They expect papers to advance their theoretical understanding of the various forms of managing political CSR.

Call for Papers: 3rd Annual Australasian Business Ethics Network Conference
Posted: 2013/04/24 
Deadline: 2013/08/31

More InfoSubmissions are now being invited for the 3rd annual ABEN conference on business, ethics and business ethics. Bringing academics, critics and practitioners together to discuss and debate the nature, intent, effects and futures of business ethics in Australasia and beyond, the ABEN conference is a key forum in the region for reflective, engaged and philosophical work in the area. Once again, the conference is linked with publication opportunities in business ethics and professional ethics journals (The Journal of Business Ethics Education and the Australian Journal of Applied and Professional Ethics), as well as Philosophy of Management, the leading interdisciplinary journal with a focus on applied philosophy in management. Like the wider network from which it originates, the ABEN conference is inclusive – welcoming submissions that explore business ethics from a range of theoretical, empirical and practical positions and perspectives.

This year, ABEN purposefully links the theme to the notion of managing ethics on the edge, to promote awareness of the multitude of philosophical issues that mainstream management research appears to ignore. This raises some interesting questions for ethics teachers and researchers to address. For example:
  • Given the rhetoric around the importance of ethics in business, are moral considerations and values being authentically included in emerging management practices and strategies or do they remain at the periphery of managers’ thinking?
  • Are moral values and competencies becoming part of core learning objectives at all levels of study in University business courses, or do they remain on the periphery? If they are being included, how are they being taught and to what effect?
  • Are existing moral philosophies serving the needs of moral decision making in business and business education? Are there philosophical alternatives to orthodox approaches that have been hitherto peripheral to the field that may serve teaching and practice in more constructive ways?
Papers are welcomed that address these questions in the context of (e.g.) Australasian business practice and education, the place of the employee, the questions of sustainability and of responsible accounting, as well as the place of human rights in the workplace.

Call for Papers: Ivey/ARCS 6th Annual PhD Sustainability Academy
Posted: 2013/08/12 
Deadline: 2013/08/31

More InfoThe PhD Sustainability Academy, co-hosted by the Ivey Business School and Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability (ARCS), convenes 15 promising PhD students and 5 senior researchers. Each student receives intensive feedback on their research project. The participants and faculty members represent a range of management disciplines and methodologies. This Academy represents one of the foremost learning and networking events for students researching social and environmental issues.

Please include:
  • Blinded manuscript (with all personally identifying information removed and following the AMJ style guide)
  • Cover-page with author details
  • Two-page executive summary (up to 1000 words)
  • 150-word abstract, a 150-word biography and a recent photo (to be published on the website, if accepted).

Call for Papers: Conference on "Sustainability and the Corporation: Big Ideas"
Posted: 2012/11/06 
Deadline: 2013/08/30

More InfoOn November 15th - 16th of 2013, the Harvard Business School will host a conference for research on sustainability from a corporate, investor, and civil society perspective. The conference will explore research pertaining to new business strategies, models, processes and systems that may be useful to managers that will lead organizations in the 21st century.

Papers for consideration must be submitted to gserafeim@hbs.edu by August 30th, 2013. Authors of accepted papers will be notified by September 30th, 2013.

Call for Papers: GARI Conference on 21st Century Corporate Governance
Posted: 2013/09/14 
Deadline: 2013/08/30

More InfoThe conference aims to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners in the broad area of corporate governance and accountability to discuss challenges in corporate governance in the 21st Century and whether corporate governance in an international context is ‘fit for purpose’. In the wake of the global financial crisis, corporations, banks, institutional investors, accountants and a wide array of corporate stakeholders are faced with immense challenges juggling a difficult global financial environment with societal demands for enhanced accountability and transparency as well as mounting pressures to shoulder responsibility for social and environmental impacts.

Call for Proposal: Microsoft Grants: YouthSpark 2013
Posted: 2013/08/20 
Deadline: 2013/08/23

More InfoThrough a competitive funding process, Microsoft Canada will award cash and software grants to eligible CRA-registered nonprofit and charitable organizations. Microsoft Canada seeks to fund partnerships targeting youth (ages 13-25) to help expand their opportunity to pursue jobs/career, continue their education and training and/or start a business or social venture.

All proposals must include an organization that is eligible to receive cash funding from Microsoft as defined by the following criteria:
  1. Hold recognized, charitable status as defined by Canada Revenue Agency.
  2. Align with Microsoft Canada YouthSpark priorities (i.e. support nonprofit organizations that serve youth by providing them with enhanced technology and business training to help them pursue additional education, obtain employment or start a new business or social venture).
  3. Operate projects or programs that take place in communities where Microsoft Canada has a business presence.
  4. Deliver programs with measurable social impact, targeting youth (ages 13-25) to help expand their opportunity to pursue jobs/career, continue their education and training and/or start a business or social venture.
  5. Organizations may request between $50,000 and $150,000 cash, not to exceed 50 percent of the program’s total cash budget. Additionally, software and curriculum can be requested as part of this process. The grant request should be commensurate with the proposed program design and scale.
Learn more here

Call for Papers: 5th Annual Sustainable Enterprises of the Future Conference
Posted: 2013/07/30 
Deadline: 2013/08/15

More InfoThe Sustainable Enterprises of the Future is pleased to announce its 5th annual conference which will be held on September 26-27, 2013 in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. The conference will bring scholars and practitioners interested in Sustainable Enterprises’ role in the creation (destruction) of social profit S(π) together.

If organizations exist to coordinate the resources and capabilities of society, then those that perform better than average create greater gains for society than others. This is not to say that the ‘other’ organizations failed to create value but if the market were to allocate the underachieving organizations’ resources to those that performed greater then society would have, presumably, witnessed greater impact. This will be demonstrated differently depending on the domain.

In line with the conference theme, the President, Co-Chairs, and governance board invites papers and symposia in all areas concerned with S(π). All manuscripts and symposia suggestions will be double-blind reviewed.

Acceptable contributions to this call can come from any discipline that attempts to increase social profit.

Call for Papers: FIR-PRI Finance and Sustainability European Research Award
Posted: 2013/05/09 
Deadline: 2013/07/15

More InfoThe FIR-PRI award is open to researchers and students with European passports and/or to those who are affiliated with European research institutions and/or whose focus of research is Europe. Eligible candidates are invited to submit Master Thesis, PhD Thesis, published articles or grant proposals. Submissions may be accepted in French or English

Three awards Best Master’s Thesis, Best PhD Thesis, Best published Academic Article, valued at €5,000.00 each and one research grant (Only PhD) valued at €10,000.00 will be rewarded.

Call for Papers: PRI-CDC Academic Network Conference
Posted: 2013/05/18 
Deadline: 2013/07/15

More InfoThe PRI Initiative, the Groupe Caisse des Dépôts and the Chaire Finance Durable et Investissement Responsable are pleased to announce the Sixth Annual Academic Conference on Responsible Investment, to be held 13-15 November 2013 at CDC’s headquarters in Paris.

As in previous years the first day will be a Student Symposium, dedicated to the latest new research by Ph.D students. The main conference will be held on the 14th and 15th of November and will consist of plenaries and smaller panel sessions. As this is an international event, this will be a unique opportunity for academics, students, and investment professionals to hear the latest findings, communicate priorities for future research and to network with each other.

The overall theme for the conference is "Investing for Sustainable and Long-Term Returns". Papers submissions and panel proposals addressing this them are invited, particularly in the following areas:
  • The financial implications for long-term investors at the portfolio level of issues such as natural resource depletion, climate change, biodiversity loss, water scarcity, inequality, human capital and employee relations or human rights.
  • How these issues affect strategic asset allocation, benchmarks and the design and performance of investment strategies.
  • The financial impact of company and investor short-termism on long-term investors’ returns and on sustainability.
  • How can incentives be aligned throughout the investment chain from asset owners via investment managers to companies and other types of investment in order to promote sustainable, long-term returns?
  • The implications of ESG factors for financial performance and for the performance of alternative asset classes such as hedge funds and commodities.
  • The relevance of behavioural finance to responsible investment issues.
  • The implications of responsible investment for modern portfolio theory.
  • What can investors can do to promote and sustain a stable, well-functioning market and financial system?

Call for Papers: ILA Seeks Book Chapters "Leading with Spirit, Presence and Authenticity"
Posted: 2013/06/18 
Deadline: 2013/07/01

More InfoThe International Leadership Association invites you to submit your work on the theme, "Leading with Spirit, Presence, and Authenticity" for its annual volume in the Building Leadership Bridges series.

The volume explores the importance of cultivating oneself with regard to leadership and seeks to enable readers to appreciate the range of approaches that exist, how they are used, and their impacts. This includes the contribution of spirituality (in all of its varied forms and expressions), as well as the arts and other parts of life that contribute to people’s capacity to bring their whole self to their leadership in ways that help them withstand the pressures and challenges of leadership in today’s complex global environment.

Submissions will be considered in five areas:
  • Spirituality and leadership across cultures.
  • Mindfulness, presence, and authenticity.
  • Ethical dilemmas.
  • Leadership presence and gender.
  • Boundary crossing, which includes non-traditional creative approaches.
Send submissions electronically as a Word Document to ILA c/o Debra DeRuyver at dderuyver@ila-net.org by July 1, 2013.

Call for Papers: 8th International Conference on Applied Ethics
Posted: 2013/05/09 
Deadline: 2013/06/30

More InfoThe Center for Applied Ethics and Philosophy is delighted to announce the 8th International Conference on Applied Ethics on November 1-3, 2013, at Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan. They invite papers written towards the conference theme of emerging technologies and will give these preference, but also welcome papers in applied ethics, broadly construed, that address political, economic, social, and cultural issues in applied ethics beyond the conference theme.

This includes, but is not limited to:
meta/normative ethics, bio/medical ethics, engineering ethics, ethics of science and technology, information ethics, environmental ethics, business ethics, feminist/gender/sexuality ethics, and international/global ethics.

Confirmed speakers include:
John Kleinig (City University of New York)
Paul B. Thompson (Michigan State University)
Peter-Paul Verbeek (University of Twente)
Timothy F. Murphy (University of Illinois)

Those participants who wish to present papers are requested to submit a 150–300 word abstract in a MS-Word file (.doc) to CAEP (caep@let.hokudai.ac.jp) by Sunday, June 30, 2013. All submitted abstracts are subject to peer review.

Call for Editor: Business & Society Journal
Posted: 2013/05/18 
Deadline: 2013/06/07

More InfoMembers of the International Association of Business & Society (IABS) are invited to submit nominations, including self-nominations, for the position of Editor or Co-Editor of Business & Society for the three-year term commencing in January 2015.

While traditionally the editorial responsibilities of Business & Society have been met by the appointment of a single Editor, the IABS board welcomes nominations from/for candidates potentially interested in a sole Editorship or participating in a team of Co-Editors who together would exercise editorial control of the journal. The new editorial arrangements should be in place by January 2015 (Volume 54, Issue 1), with some transition and issue preparation occurring during the latter stages of 2014. The Editorial term is three years. The outgoing Editor will manage the current pipeline of submissions, and facilitate the transition to the new editorial situation. The new Editor(s) will be selected by IABS and confirmed by Sage.

The new Editor(s) will be responsible for crafting and maintaining the strategic direction of Business & Society and co-ordinating the submission and publication process. Typically two of the four issues per year are Special Issues, and the new Editor(s) will be responsible for actively soliciting and managing special issue editors and topics. The new Editor(s) will be supported by an active Editorial Board and a structure of topic-related Associate Editors.

Call for Book Chapters: Principles for Responsible Management Education and Gender Equality
Posted: 2013/05/21 
Deadline: 2013/06/01

More InfoGreenleaf Publishing invites contributions to a forthcoming title, which will be the first in a series on Gender Equality as a Challenge for Business and Management Education, which is a part of the activities carried out by the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) Gender Equality Working Group. Contributions are sought from academics, practitioners, policymakers, businesses, institutions and organizations.

The book will be an edited collection, which provides conceptual and research rationales as to why responsible management education must address the issue of gender equality. It will also identify materials and resources that will assist faculty in integrating gender issues and awareness into a variety of disciplines and fields. These will include, for example, specific case studies, syllabi, texts, and good practices or innovations that assess or otherwise address the role of gender in various educational environments. The book is designed to help faculty integrate the topic of gender equality into their own teaching and gain support for the legitimacy of gender equality as an important management education topic in their institutions.

The distinctive features of this book are that it will:
  1. identify the rationale for inclusion of gender equality in responsible management education;
  2. explore the challenges of integrating gender equality into management education and how they can be overcome
  3. provide examples of learning and teaching resources which address gender inequality from a range of disciplinary perspectives; and
  4. discuss the issues in terms of the responsibility of management educators to set new management, research, institutional and intellectual agendas on gender equality.

Call for Papers: Ethics in Finance - Robin Cosgrove Prize 2012-2013
Posted: 2013/02/12 
Deadline: 2013/05/31

More InfoThe mission of the Ethics in Finance -­ Robin Cosgrove Prize is to stimulate a global reflection on ethics in finance. Through the website, the Prize creates an international conversation on the sustainable future of the finance sector and insurance based on strong ethical awareness and commitment to integrity.

There are two Competitions for the Prize:
  • The global Prize has been awarded since 2006. For the global Prize papers should be submitted in English or French.
  • The Ibero-American Prize was initiated with the support of MAPFRE to focus on the special challenges of ethics in finance in the region, with papers to be submitted in either Spanish or Portuguese. The best papers submitted for the Ibero-American Prize will be translated into English or French and they will then be nominated for consideration for the global Prize.
Two international juries of prominent experts in finance and ethics will designate prize winners and allocate between them:
  • The sum of USD 20,000 for the global prize.
  • The sum of USD 15,000 for the Ibero-­American prize.

Call for Papers: Corruption and Democracy
Posted: 2013/05/14 
Deadline: 2013/05/15

More InfoThe Ethics forum/Les Ateliers de l'éthique invites submissions on corruption in contemporary democratic societies. Submissions will deal with the legal, moral, political, sociological and economical processes that disrupt the normal and ideal functioning of democratic life and undermine public trust. They will also attempt to examine how contemporary democratic theories, especially “deliberative” ones, can (or cannot) help us thinking about corruption.  

In order to fully grasp the complex realities of corruption, scholars need to provide sophisticated accounts of practices like fraud, bribery, nepotism, undue influence, insider trading and so on. But it seems plausible to say that understanding corruption also requires a better analysis of practices and behaviors that are not straightforwardly illegal (or immoral), but that nonetheless undermine the health of our democratic systems. Submissions of papers that explore this line of inquiry are encouraged.

Call for Papers: 26th European Business Ethics Network Annual Conference
Posted: 2013/05/04 
Deadline: 2013/05/14

More InfoThe theme of the EBEN 2013 Annual Conference is “License to operate”. In a narrow sense the ‘license to operate’ means the stakeholders’ approval of a particular business project that can affect their lives. The term could be understood differently, however. It could be applied to the acceptance or non-acceptance of the expansion of profit-seeking business into sectors of activity that, at least in Europe, were formerly performed by the state or non-for profit institutions (healthcare, education, utilities, etc). Or, more broadly, the ‘license to operate’ could refer to an implicit social contract between corporations and society at large.

The discussion about the legitimacy of corporations is an old one. But EBEN thinks that the context has evolved and that the awareness and the expectations of the public have changed. The EBEN conference in Lille invites any kind of proposal that invigorates a renewed discussion.

Other themes:

Besides this specific focus on legitimacy, EBEN welcomes contributions that treat general topics in business ethics. Theoretical, empirical and managerial approaches to these issues are welcome. Contributions from both academics and practitioners are encouraged.

The conference is preceded by a one-day doctoral workshop.

Call for Papers: 20th Annual International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference
Posted: 2012/11/04 
Deadline: 2013/05/01

More InfoDePaul University is looking for business professionals, academics, and young scholars that have an interest in and commitment to the study and discussion of business and professional ethics. Final proposals will be selected through a blind referee process.

Continuing their custom, a Dean’s Award is presented for the best paper, and a special award will be presented to the best young scholar’s paper.

Proposal Due…… May 1, 2013
Decision Date…… June 14, 2013
Confirmation of Attend. Expected by… July 12, 2013
Conference Date.....October 17-19, 2013
Completed Paper for Publication Consideration Due… Dec 1, 2013

Call for Papers: SBE Best Dissertation Award
Posted: 2013/04/05 
Deadline: 2013/05/01

More InfoThe Society for Business Ethics (SBE) is soliciting abstracts for dissertations completed between May 1, 2012, and April 30, 2013, to be considered for SBE's Best Dissertation Award. While dissertations must focus on business ethics, work from all disciplines is welcome. The purpose of the award is to recognize the dissertation that, in the judgment of the committee, most clearly demonstrates the potential to contribute to substantial advances in business ethics research and practice.

Those wishing to be considered for the award should submit a 10-page abstract. Prior candidates for the award are not eligible for reconsideration. From among the abstracts, three finalists will be selected and asked to submit full-length dissertations. The award winner will be announced at SBE's Annual Meeting in August.

A complete submission will include these 3 separate attachments, all in PDF format without any identifying information in the source file:
  1. An abstract of not more than 10 double-spaced pages of text (including tables, figures, and appendices), standard margins throughout, Times New Roman 12-point or similar font.  (Any references provided can be in addition to the 10 pages of text.)  The author’s name, the advisor’s name, and the university’s name should not be mentioned anywhere in the abstract.
  2. A copy of the signature page, with university name, signatures, and date of completion, or similar official evidence of the date of completion.
  3. A title page with the author’s current mailing address, telephone number, fax number, and email address.  The title page must be sent as a separate file from the abstract.
Please note that the committee welcomes a variety of research approaches, including, for example, normative/philosophical and social science/empirical.

Submissions are due May 1, 2013, and should be sent to
Niki den Nieuwenboer

Call for Proposals: 39th Annual Conference of the Association for Moral Education
Posted: 2013/04/24 
Deadline: 2013/04/30

More InfoThe Association for Moral Education (AME) provides an international forum for the interdisciplinary study of the moral and ethical dimensions of human development and education. The Association is dedicated to fostering communication and cooperation among scholars and practitioners considering all aspects of moral learning, development and action across the life-span in multiple roles and contexts, including the school, family, workplace, congregation, and the larger society.

The Association emphasizes self-reflective educational practices that value the worth and dignity of people as moral agents and that require opportunities for ethical engagement and moral dialogue.

For this year's conference, contributions that address the conference theme, Multiculturalism, Interculturalism and Moral Education, are particularly encouraged although papers on any topic related to moral education and development are also welcome.
The keynote speaker is Tariq Modood, Director of the Research Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship at the University of Bristol. A plenary address will be delivered by Nancy Eisenberg, Regents Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University.

Call for Papers: oikos Young Scholars Entrepreneurship Academy 'Creating Hybrid Ventures'
Posted: 2013/03/07 
Deadline: 2013/04/15

More InfoThe fourth oikos Young Scholars Entrepreneurship Academy provides a unique platform to develop scholars in the early stages of their careers. Exceptional PhD candidates, post docs and young faculty are at the center of the program. The academy aims at advancing academic research, at building networks and at preparing the ground for research relevant for theory and practice. The event includes paper development workshops, professional development roundtables, research talks and outdoor activities in the picturesque Swiss Alps. Participants will also have the opportunity to apply their insights and skills in a HUB Challenge Lab in collaboration with The Hub Zurich (http://zurich.the-hub.net/) and Ashoka Switzerland.

Participants will benefit from presenting and discussing their work in progress with leading academics who provide feedback on their work and share advice about academic career and personal development. Feedback will be given by fellow students and three international researchers:
  • Anne-Claire Pache Assistant Professor, Holder of the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair, ESSEC Business School, France
  • Filipe Santos Associate Professor, Director, Maag International Centre for Entrepreneurship, INSEAD, France
  • Claus Jacobs SNF Professor of Strategy and Organization, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Please send your application via email to the Academy's Program Chair
Dr. Florian Überbacher

Call for Papers: 50th Societas Ethica Annual Conference; Soesterberg, Netherlands
Posted: 2013/03/27 
Deadline: 2013/03/31

This will be the 50th Societas Ethica Annual Conference. It is realized in cooperation with the ESF Network “Rights to a Green Future” and the Ethics Institute in Utrecht.

Climate change, dwindling resources, and growth of the global population have emerged as challenges for all areas of political action in modern societies. These challenges have been on the political agenda since the “Limits to Growth” report was released in 1972. While the challenges are well known, and while there appears to be some form of consensus that sustainability is a goal worth striving for, there is little discussion of how the changes necessary to achieve this goal will affect our political institutions, our social relationships, our moral responsibilities, and our self-understanding in general.

Societas Ethica Young Scholars’ Award:

The Young Scholars’ Award is awarded to the best presentation by a young scholar at the Societas Ethica Annual conference.

Young scholars for the purpose of this competition are PhD student and PhDs who earned their degree less than two years ago and do not have a tenure-track academic position. If you wish to be considered for the YSA, please indicate this in the file with the personal information accompanying your abstract.

For more information about Societas Ethica Young Scholars’ Award, please visit the website at www.societasethica.info.

Call for Papers: "The Impact of Emerging Multinationals and Global Development" Workshop
Posted: 2013/02/28 
Deadline: 2013/03/30

More InfoMultinational companies from emerging economies (EMNEs) are becoming major players in the globalised world economy and they are exerting growing influence on the economic dynamics of developing and advanced countries. Given their growing prominence, EMNEs’ outward investments have recently raised voices of concern about their potentially detrimental effects they could have on their host economy and society: for instance, Chinese investments in Africa are often perceived as a new form of imperialism, while investments in the EU are seen as a threat to European firms’ technological superiority, carrying the risk of dissipating their competitive advantages. Also, given the institutional weaknesses of EMNEs’ home countries, doubts are cast about their capacity to adopt or transfer socially responsible business practices in host economies, and to respect human rights accordingly. Beside these alarmist voices, however, evidence about EMNEs’ impacts is scant, as very little scholarly research has so far investigated the economic and social consequences of EMNEs’ operations both on their home and host countries.

This workshop solicits papers that address this largely neglected issue and examine EMNEs’ economic and social impacts on both home and host countries. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • The strategies of international expansion, modes of entry and motivations of EMNEs, and their consequences on the economic development processes in the host country;
  • The drivers, nature and consequences of EMNEs’ collaborations with host country/region business firms and other public/private organizations;
  • The challenges connected to cultural and business practice distance between EMNEs home country and the host country;
  • The Liability-of-Foreignness and/or Liability-of-Origin problems connected to EMNEs operations in host countries;
  • The differences in the economic and social impacts of EMNEs operations in host advanced and developing countries;
  • The factors facilitating EMNEs positive social and human rights impacts in host economies;
  • The EMNEs’ subsidiary-headquarters reverse knowledge transfer and its impact on the home country;
  • The pivotal role of subsidiaries in explaining home and host country impacts;  
  • The role of Governments’ policies in influencing the impact of EMNCs on home and host countries;

Call for Papers: The Toronto Group Conference
Posted: 2013/04/05 
Deadline: 2013/03/29

More InfoThis year’s conference theme is “Social Movements and the Law,” and will feature a keynote lecture by Professor Margot Young of the University of British Columbia.

Scholars from around the world have posed important questions about the goals and effectiveness of social movements and of legal change, the proper role of racial and identity politics in law and in advocacy, the challenges and possibilities of coalition, and the dangers of unintended consequences or backlash. Social movements such as the 'Arab Spring', the 'Occupy Movement', 'Open Source' and 'Creative Commons' movements, the ‘SlutWalk movement’, the 'Idle no More' movement, and the American Tea Party movements have inspired The Toronto Group to challenge the status quo and move towards new paradigms and horizons.

Call for Papers: UNEPFI RFP - Integrating Sustainability into Corporate Governance
Posted: 2013/02/28 
Deadline: 2013/03/22

More InfoThis is a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a contract to be undertaken for the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI). The name of the project is "Integrating Sustainability into Corporate Governance.

Please click here for the document providing full details of the project and all the requirements for proposal submission. 

UNEP FI carries out its mission to identify, promote, and realize the adoption of sustainability practice through peer-to-peer networks, research and training. This project is a great opportunity to contribute to this mission and to extend its existing set of valuable publications.

Call for Papers: Society for Business Ethics Conference
Posted: 2012/12/04 
Deadline: 2013/03/15

More InfoThe Society for Business Ethics annual meeting provides an opportunity for members to present their own research results, to become acquainted with the latest developments in teaching and research, to engage in the discussion of emerging business ethics issues, and to enjoy the fellowship of other scholars and professionals in the field.

Ph.D. candidates may submit an abstract of between 750 and 1,000 words describing a research project in business ethics or related domains. Abstracts should include a short list of relevant citations and include a cover page with full contact information and affiliation. In addition to being able to present their ideas in a paper session, students whose papers are accepted will be invited to attend a half-day workshop with senior SBE mentors. Although a Ph.D. student may be an Emerging Scholar more than once, priority is given to those who have not previously been accepted into the SBE conference program as an Emerging Scholar.

Call for Papers: CSR PHD Seminar
Posted: 2013/03/07 
Deadline: 2013/03/15

More InfoThe “CSR PhD seminar” is a great opportunity for doctoral students and researchers to improve their research and publishing abilities. The seminar aims at bringing together scholars from various fields of the social sciences: management, law, sociology, philosophy, economics, political science, social psychology, and sharing a common interest for CSR and business & society issues.

In addition, an academic writing and publishing workshop will be organized, bringing together prominent scholars/editors who will share their experience with respect to the academic publishing process. This session will be of particular interest to early career researchers in the broad CSR and business & society field of research.

PhD students and young faculty are invited to submit either a long abstract (Maximum 4 pages, single-spaced, Times New Roman 12) or a full paper (maximum 20 pages, single-spaced, Time New Roman 12) in a pdf format. Please send you abstract or paper no later than March 15, 2013 via email to valerie.swaen@uclouvain.be

Call for Applications: Development Ethics NEH Seminar
Posted: 2013/02/16 
Deadline: 2013/03/04

More Info“Development Ethics: Questions, Challenges and Responsibilities” is a four-week National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute, to be held Monday, July 22 to Friday, August 16, 2013 on the campus of Michigan State University. Its goal is to provide the opportunity to review a rapidly emerging and exciting area of ethics and social and political philosophy that has grown to maturity over the past thirty years, and contribute to an extended conversation on its future.

Twenty-five NEH Summer Scholars will participate in the Institute for four weeks and will pursue individual work connected to the Institute’s subject matter. Scholars receive a $3300 stipend to defray expenses. Applications are encouraged from U.S.-chartered University and College faculty, part-time faculty, independent scholars, and others. Applications are also encouraged from graduate students, three of whom are expected to be among the group.

Call for Papers: Penn DCC Postdoctoral Fellowship
Posted: 2013/02/16 
Deadline: 2013/03/03

More InfoThe Penn Program on Democracy, Citizenship, and Constitutionalism (DCC) invites applications for one (1) one-year postdoctoral fellowship in the social sciences or the humanities. Applicants’ research should be relevant to the DCC Program’s 2013-2014 theme, “Citizenship and Social Rights.” The DCC Fellow will teach one undergraduate seminar. $53,800 stipend and health insurance.

Eligibility is limited to applicants who will have received their Ph.D. within five years prior to the time they begin their fellowship at Penn (May 2008 or later).

Call for Papers: Special Issue On Sustainable Knowledge Society and the Role of Social Media
Posted: 2012/10/02 
Deadline: 2013/03/01

More InfoThe aim of this special issue is to help both researchers and practitioners to develop a critical understanding of the role of social media on establishing sustainable knowledge societies. The special issue will bring together work from a range of disciplines to promote a multi-disciplinary perspective to develop practical and theoretical solutions to improve the economic, social, environmental, technological, educational, and administrative sustainability.

Topics to be discussed in this special issue include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Digital divide
  • E-business, E-commerce, E-government, and E-services
  • Emerging and transition economies, developing and less developed countries Globalization
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge management
  • Knowledge societies
  • Management information systems
  • Social media
  • Sustainable development

Call for Papers: Emond Montgomery Publications Case Study Competition‏
Posted: 2013/01/31 
Deadline: 2013/02/28

More InfoEmond Montgomery Publications is excited to announce the launch of their written case study analysis competition! They’re inviting university and college students from across Canada to assess a case study using the skills they have gained from business ethics and CSR classes.

Participating students will submit a written analysis of a case study by February 28, 2013. A panel of leading Canadian CSR and business ethics professors will review the submissions and name the winning entries. The winners will present their work at an event co-hosted by Emond Montgomery and Ryerson University’s Institute for the Study of Corporate Social Responsibility in Toronto in spring 2013. The winning pieces will be professionally edited and published as free ebooks on Emond Montgomery’s website.

Call for Papers: UN-PRME Canada Regional Meeting
Posted: 2013/02/22 
Deadline: 2013/02/28

More InfoThe world has reached a tipping point and a new business model, focused on the triple bottom line (planet, people and profits), is rapidly emerging. A clear sign of change is the growing number of businesses that have subscribed to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) initiative.

This call for papers asks the following question: How can business schools develop future leaders that support, promote and incorporate the PRME principles into the mainstream business model? The theme of the conference emphasizes the need for integration “e3 = earth, education, economics”, with education being the critical factor in the equation.

The conference will begin with a welcome dinner/reception on Tuesday June 11, 2013, with the main day of conference activities taking place on Wednesday June 12, 2013. The 1st PRME Canada Regional Meeting will be hosted by MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta. Registration will open Feb 19, 2013 and can be accessed via the conference website at: www.macewan.ca/e3

Call for Papers: Rotman ICPM Research Funding‏
Posted: 2013/01/10 
Deadline: 2013/02/18

More InfoRotman ICPM and its international partners believe that creative research is central to achieving its mission. Research proposals must have significant international interest/implications and cannot be too narrowly focused. Below are eight key areas of interest to the ICPM Research Committee.
  • Collaborative Strategies
  • Pension Design
  • Pension/Investment Regulation
  • Agency Issues
  • Governance/Org Design
  • Investnment Beliefs
  • Risk Measurement/Management
  • Strategy Implementation

Call for Presenters: “Time” and Responsible Investing Symposium
Posted: 2013/01/25 
Deadline: 2013/02/15

More InfoThe purpose of the symposium is to bring together finance industry practitioners, academics, graduate students and other stakeholders to critically investigate the temporal dimensions of responsible investing — the future, the past, timing and the pace of time — in order to understand obstacles to and better directions for SRI. A long-term approach is increasingly hailed as the foremost benchmark for SRI, with many commentators calling for investors to emphasize long-term value preservation and creation. Another key temporal dimension is the past, and investors sometimes have failed to appreciate it or, more precisely, failed to learn from its lessons. For example, the Global Financial Crisis, although of unprecedented scale, was preceded by a history of market jolts. Another relevant temporal perspective is the pace of time, and its impact on wise and precautionary decision-making. From individual to system-level decision-making, human beings can be impatient, and this can be harmful to a sustainable financial economy. The “Slow Money” movement (like the “Slow Food” movement) is one response to this concern.

Interested presenters should submit a proposal to <richardson@law.ubc.ca> by 15 February, providing the title and abstract of the proposed talk, and a brief biographical statement of relevant work experience and qualifications.

Call for Papers: ASAC 2013 Social Responsibility Division
Posted: 2013/02/03 
Deadline: 2013/02/15

More InfoEvent Date: June 8-11, 2013
Submission Deadline: February 15, 2013
Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel
Information: Info

ASAC 2013 is going to be hosted in Calgary, AB, Canada, by Mount Royal University. The conference theme, Redefining Management Education, is offered as the underpinning of the deliberations. It intends to promote a healthy discussion of how business programs may contribute to the formation of skilled and socially conscious future managers.

Original papers, written in English or French, should be submitted electronically to the appropriate ASAC division in Microsoft Word. All contributions will be peer reviewed, and all accepted papers will have an abridged version included in the Proceedings. All papers must be submitted via the conference webpage www.asac.ca no later than February 15, 2013.

Call for Papers: Human Rights and the Global CSR Agenda Event
Posted: 2013/02/08 
Deadline: 2013/02/01

More InfoSince the 1990s both governmental and non-governmental actors have sought to shape and disseminate general norms for corporate social responsibility, which have been translated into a growing number of relatively prominent voluntary initiatives such as the UN's Global Compact. While the growth of these international CSR initiatives and norms over the past two decades has been impressive, it also has been uneven in terms of firm participation and the areas of corporate social responsibility addressed. The literature on business and politics has examined the determinants of firm participation, but we know far less about why certain types of CSR initiatives have developed faster and been more successful than others. This panel seeks to gain insight into this latter question by examining and situating corporate human rights codes and norms within the broader CSR context and agenda. Some papers, for example, could explore why environmental and sustainability codes to date have been able to gain greater prominence and adherents than their human rights counterparts. Similarly such papers might explore the extent to which human rights codes have been influenced by their environmental forbearers and with what effect. Other papers might examine why certain areas within the human rights rubric such as child labour have become the subject of high profile campaigns while other issues such as fair remuneration have failed to gain a foothold on the global CSR agenda. The panel therefore seeks to shed light on which types of, and under what conditions, human rights norms and voluntary initiatives are likely to be successful as well as identifying those human rights concerns that are less amenable to CSR approaches.

Call for Papers: JSFI: The Crazy Ideas Edition
Posted: 2012/08/15 
Deadline: 2013/01/31

More InfoThe Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment is curious about:
  • The thoughts that might be running through peoples mind’s at three in the morning as they contemplate the state of the human species and the planet we inhabit, and the role that finance and investment might be playing in defining this state;
  • The biting criticisms of the ‘Establishment’ (specifically the finance and investment ‘Establishment’) which might be boiling violently within you;
  • And ideally, how you might change this self same ‘Establishment’ if you were suddenly to become the philosopher monarch.
If you wish to submit a full-length paper or shorter ‘perspective’ piece on the theme, please first register in the journal’s submissions system. When submitting your paper, please indicate in the ‘Author’s Cover Letter’ space that you wish your manuscript to be considered for the Special Issue: Crazy Ideas. If you are worried that linking your name to a paper with such radical content might represent a career-limiting move, feel free to suggest a pseudonym.

Call for Papers: ARCS Fifth Annual Research Conference
Posted: 2013/01/17 
Deadline: 2013/01/21

More InfoEvent Date: April 29 to May 1, 2013
Submission Deadline: January 21, 2013
Location: Haas School of Business, Uof California, Berkeley
Information: http://www.corporate-sustainability.org/conferences/fifth-annual-research-conference/

This is the fifth annual conference of ARCS, a consortium of universities that seeks to provide data, tools and networking opportunities to researchers who are developing a greater understanding of the opportunities and limits of policies and strategies to foster sustainable business.

The conference welcomes unpublished working papers focused on business and sustainability (both social and environmental) from all disciplines and research areas. They are receptive to a wide range of perspectives and methods including empirical research, theory development, formal theoretical modeling, and experimental methods.

Call for Papers: University of Waterloo Ethics Symposium
Posted: 2012/11/01 
Deadline: 2013/01/15

More InfoEvent Date: April 18-20, 2013
Submission Deadline: January 15, 2013
Location: Toronto, Ontario

The Centre for Accounting Ethics at the University of Waterloo is pleased to announce its 1st biennial Symposium to be held in Toronto, Canada on the theme of Accounting Ethics and Tone at the Top.

Subject to editorial review and approval, accepted research papers with discussants’ comments will be considered for publication in a Special Issue of the Journal of Business Ethics (JBE) guest edited by Sally Gunz (University of Waterloo Centre for Accounting Ethics) and Linda Thorne (Schulich School of Business, York University). Travel grants will be provided to one author of each accepted paper and all discussants.

Submitted papers will be subject to blind peer review by academics and practitioners. Authors must adhere to the editorial style of the Journal of Business Ethics at the following link: http://www.springer.com/authors?SGWID=0-111-6-793301-0

Call for Papers: PhD Winter Research Meeting 2013
Posted: 2012/12/02 
Deadline: 2013/01/15

More InfoThe upcoming CBERN PhD Winter Research Meeting will bring members of the PhD Cluster together at York University. Accommodations will be provided at the Executive Learning Centre Hotel at the Schulich School of Business, York University.

All participants will present a work-in-progress, which could include a paper they hope to send for publication, a paper they are preparing for a conference, or a chapter of their PhD research project.
Completed papers will be made available to all participants for comment and pre-event discussion three weeks before the workshop, in a secure workspace on the CBERN website.

Call for Papers: Finance for Sustainability Graduate Student Conference - University of Oxford
Posted: 2012/12/04 
Deadline: 2013/01/15

More InfoThe ongoing climate change debates and economic crises provide examples of how financial markets have become an important policy mechanism for sustainable economies and financial systems. This conference will explore the financial sector governance challenges and opportunities presented by natural resource issues, including rising demand for agricultural, mineral, and energy commodities; stresses on water resources; ecosystem degradation; and climate-driven impacts on natural capital.

Graduate students are invited to present relevant research and engage in a unique dialogue with academics and practitioners on governance challenges and opportunities facing a global economy broadly characterized by increasing integration, resource scarcity and growing inequality.

Calls for Prize: Allard Prize for International Integrity
Posted: 2012/11/01 
Deadline: 2013/01/11

More InfoThe Allard Prize for International Integrity, conceived of and funded by Peter A. Allard, is intended to recognize an individual, movement or organization that has demonstrated exceptional courage and leadership in combating corruption, especially through promoting transparency, accountability and the rule of law.

Nominations for the inaugural CA $100,000 award are now open and will remain open until January 11, 2013. The selection process will occur in the spring of 2013 and the inaugural award ceremony is scheduled to take place in September 2013.

Call for Papers: Sustainability, Ethics and Entrepreneurship (SEE) Conference
Posted: 2012/09/25 
Deadline: 2013/01/08

More InfoParticipants of the SEE Conference Can Expect to:
  • Share cutting-edge research, ideas and theories
  • Foster collaborative research efforts
  • Build a worldwide network of scholars who advance the state of knowledge about SEE.
In addition to competitive paper presentations, the 2013 SEE Conference will also feature:

A) Keynote speakers who are thought leaders including: Jay Barney (Presidential Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Utah); Tom Lumpkin (The Chris J. Witting Chair in Entrepreneurship, the Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University); and Bruce Hutton (Dean Emeritus and Director of Ethics Integration, University of Denver).

B) The Journal of Management Studies’ (JMS) Young Scholar Development Workshop (April 10 to 11, 2013). Funding to partially defray travel and accommodation expenses to attendees is a result of gracious funding from the society for the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS) and JMS.
Authors are invited to submit abstracts (2 single-spaced pages not exceeding 1,250 words) that address a broad array of subjects on the topics of sustainability, ethics, and entrepreneurship (SEE). Those selected by a double-blind review process will be asked to present at either paper or poster sessions during the 2013 conference April 11-12.

Call for Papers: 2013 International Business Ethics Case Competition
Posted: 2012/10/02 
Deadline: 2013/01/01

More InfoEvent Date: May 2013

Teams of 3-5 students participate in a variety of competitions (20-to-30 minute presentation followed by Q&A; 10-minute presentation; 90-second presentation), all of which are judged by practicing ethics and compliance professionals. Each team selects a topic from any area of business ethics and describes both the problem and a proposed solution. Approximately $12,000 in prize money will be awarded to overall winners, runners-up, and divisional winners.

Please contact Kirsten Nordblom (Knordblom@lmu.edu or 310.338.2321) or Thomas White (twhite@lmu.edu or 310.338.4523) to reserve a spot in the event as soon as possible.

Post-doctoral Research Fellowship in Sustainable Neighbourhoods at UBC
Posted: 2012/10/30 
Deadline: 2012/12/31

More InfoThe Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRIS) at UBC is searching for a Post-doctoral Research Fellow with experience in the emerging fields of regenerative design and sustainability assessment methodologies – particularly as they relate to neighbourhood development – to work as part of a team including several faculty members affiliated with our Regenerative Neighbourhoods Project, their students and other post-doctoral fellows. The supervisor of the successful Post-doctoral Fellow applicant will be Dr John Robinson, Director of the CIRS research program.

The ideal candidate for this one-year program (renewable to a maximum of two years) would hold a recent (graduated within the last year) PhD in Architecture, Engineering or a social science field related to community or urban sustainability. Of particular interest is expertise in sustainability assessment tools and frameworks.

Deadline: Please confirm with CIRIS

Call for Papers: Financialization in an Era of Globalization
Posted: 2012/08/08 
Deadline: 2012/12/03

More InfoThe Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment calls for discipline specific and interdisciplinary research papers on the theme Financialization in an Era of Globalization. A special issue of papers on this theme will appear in 2013.

If you wish to submit a full-length paper or shorter 'perspective' piece on the theme, please first register in the journal's submissions system using the links below. When submitting your paper, please indicate in the Author's Cover Letter field that you wish your manuscript to be considered for the Special Issue: Financialization.

Call for Papers: 2nd International Symposium on Corporate Responsibility & Sustainable Development
Posted: 2012/08/15 
Deadline: 2012/11/30

More InfoEvent Date: April 9-12, 2013
  • May 1st 2012 - first call for submissions
  • August 31st 2012 - first deadline for proposals
  • November 30th 2012 - second deadline for proposals
  • February 28th 2013 - latest date for accepting papers
  • March 2013 - papers and draft Track schedules available online
The scope of the symposium is interdisciplinary. The Symposium encourages contributions that focus both on single issues whether social, environmental, economic or technological, as well as contributions that focus on the challenges and opportunities where these streams seem to merge.

Submissions may focus on either practice (e.g., innovative programmes, strategic challenges), or theory (development and reflection), or empirical research (involving the collection and analysis of data). Submissions (proposals) may be Abstracts, Developmental Papers or Full Papers. The Symposium also encourages Doctoral researchers to submit Work-in-Progress papers and Posters. Submission Options: Practitioner Abstracts, Academic Abstracts, Full Academic Papers (for peer review), Developmental (Work-in-Progress) Papers, and Workshop Proposals.

The symposium also seeks interdisciplinary proposals that draw from the following areas: Environmental, Social, Economic, Legal, Technological, Cultural, Ethical, Policy & Regulation, Political, Strategy, Governance, and Consumption.

Call for Papers: Congress of the Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CALACS) - Canada and the Americas
Posted: 2012/11/10 
Deadline: 2012/11/30

More InfoEvent Date: May 3-5, 2013
Submission Deadline: November 30, 2012

The objective of this CALACS Congress is to reflect on the legacy of interactions between Canada and the other nations and peoples of the Americas. What role has Canada played in the region, and what role should it play in coming years? Who are the actors involved in processes of communication and dialogue? What has been the impact on both sides of trade and investment agreements, and other kind of exchanges such as scientific, technical and cultural? In keeping with CALACS’ mission, it is expected that this Congress will contribute to disseminate and mobilize knowledge of Latin America and the Caribbean and their diasporas through networks and partnerships in Canada and abroad and will contribute as well to the understanding of the cultural, political, social, and economic web of interactions that bring Canada, Latin America and Caribbean peoples.

The following Program Tracks may be of interest to the CBERN community:
International Development and Alternatives to Development; Corporate Social Responsibility; Environment, Biodiversity and Resource Extraction; Politics, Citizenship and Human Rights; Social Movements and Civil Society.

In keeping with the multi and inter-disciplinary spirit of the Congress, CALACS strongly encourages submissions from scholars working in all disciplines as well as practitioners in all fields and sectors, including visual artists.

Call for Papers: Journal of Environmental Investing Scholarship Program
Posted: 2012/09/15 
Deadline: 2012/11/28

More InfoStudents seeking an advanced degree in any discipline related to environmental investing (e.g., environmental science, policy or law, sustainability, finance, economics, and public affairs and policy) are invited to present ideas and research.

Interested and qualified students are invited to submit a curriculum vitae, a 225-word abstract of his/her manuscript, and a letter from his/her college or university attesting to the applicant’s academic status. These documents should be sent to the JEI SP at apply@jeisp.org.

Call for Papers: World Mining Congress "Mining, Ethics and Sustainability"
Posted: 2012/06/04 
Deadline: 2012/11/01

More InfoThe purpose of the “Mining, Ethics and Sustainability" program stream of the World Mining Congress is to assess the character and the boundaries of the emerging economic, social and environmental responsibilities of mining in the 21st century required to obtain a social license to operate.

The “Mining, Ethics and Sustainability" program stream is being organized and administered by the Canadian Business Ethics Research Network (CBERN). CBERN is heavily involved and highlighting, profiling and encouraging research, capacity building and public dialogue on the ethics of resource extraction and socially responsible investment.

A call for papers and case studies will be issued by late spring 2012. The call for papers seeks contributions for the “Mining, Ethics and Sustainability” program stream that will explore the ethical responsibilities of mining and the capacity of mining to contribute to sustainable development.

Abstract Submission Deadline: November 1, 2012
Paper Submission Deadline: March 30, 2013

Call for Papers: ETH PhD-Academy on Sustainability and Technology
Posted: 2012/06/01 
Deadline: 2012/11/01

More InfoThis PhD Academy focuses on the interfaces of environmental challenges, stakeholder management, and corporate financial performance.

The aim of the annual ETH PhD-Academy is to promote excellent PhD-research in the area of sustainability and technology, and to develop responsible leaders for tomorrow. While the 2013 Academy focuses on stakeholder management and ecological sustainability in general, applications from PhD students working on organizational strategies and climate change are encouraged. The five day Academy concentrates on improving the research design and methodology of participants’ PhD projects. PhD students with a background in strategic management, stakeholder management or sustainable finance are invited to participate in the Academy. Besides content related discussions, students will get valuable feedback from their peers and three professors with extensive organizational research experience.

oikos / PRI Young Scholars Finance Academy 2013
Posted: 2012/10/29 
Deadline: 2012/11/01

More InfoThe Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and oikos will convene the 5th annual international Young Scholars Finance Academy on January 20-25, 2013 in Kaubad, Switzerland: "Capital Markets, Impact Investing & Sustainability".
The Academy provides a unique platform to develop emerging researchers. Exceptional graduate students and young faculty are at the centre of the programme. They will have exposure to leading academics and practitioners, who provide feedback on their work and share advice about careers in the field of responsible investment. The event includes paper development workshops, professional development roundtables, guest speeches and outdoor activities in the picturesque Swiss Alps. The Academy 2013 also offers exceptional opportunities to network with emerging and already established researchers.
The philosophy of the Academy is towards long-term development of young academic research. Consequently, participants are also encouraged to submit papers to a follow-up symposium hosted by the PRI which will take place later next year.

Call for Cases: oikos Case Writing Competition
Posted: 2012/08/01 
Deadline: 2012/10/26

More InfoThe competition welcomes entries from all parts of the world. Submitted case studies should be suitable for use in management education and should be related to managerial issues faced by organisations and individuals.

An international panel of leading faculty reviews the cases in a double-blind review process and gives written feedback to each case contributor. For each of these tracks the judging committee selects three winners and two runners-up. The first prize is CHF 5000, second prize is CHF 2000 and third prize is CHF 1000.

Call for Papers: John Molson MBA Case Writing Competition
Posted: 2012/08/15 
Deadline: 2012/10/01

More InfoThe purpose of the Competition is to generate unpublished and unused case studies to be used during the 2013 John Molson MBA International Case Competition (“MBA-ICC”). The cases submitted will only be used for this purpose and will be released to the case writers immediately after the MBA-ICC, which ends January 11th, 2013. The submitted cases used during the MBA-ICC will be translated into either English or French, as the case may be, and the translated versions will also be remitted to the case writer.

The submitted cases used during the competition will not only win up to $23,000 in cash prizes but also constant feedback & improvements from the case competition's Board of Directors consisting of management professionals and senior executives.

Call for Papers: Award: Global Social Investment Pioneer Awards to Launch
Posted: 2012/07/01 
Deadline: 2012/09/30

More InfoThe Principles for Social Investment Secretariat is calling on SME and multinational Global Compact signatories to showcase social investment best practice and enter the inaugural Social Investment Pioneer Awards in 2012.

Launched at the 2012 Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum, the international Awards program aims to recognize and celebrate business achievements and set a new benchmark for private sector social investment that is purposeful, accountable, respectful and ethical.

The program will connect the top industry practitioners from across the globe and will expose the broader business and general community to the importance of private sector engagement in sustainable community development.

Entries open on July 1, 2012. The application deadline is September 30, 2012. Applications are sought in the following categories: Responsible business; Inclusive business; Shared value; Social enterprise; and Strategic Corporate Philanthropy.

Call for Papers: 2012 Anti-Corruption Research Network Research Paper Contest
Posted: 2012/08/24 
Deadline: 2012/09/30

More InfoThis year’s contest will focus on the themes of the upcoming International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) which will take place in Brazil on 7-10 November 2012.

The themes (IACC Global Solutions) are:
  • Empowering and mobilising people in the fight against corruption – What lessons can we learn from the recent wave of popular movements against corrupt leaders? What role can civil society play in these contexts?
  • Ending impunity – What is the new frontier in anti-corruption enforcement?
  • After Rio+20 – Are we on the way to a transparent and sustainable future?
  • Dirty money – How do we restore trust in financial institutions and the global financial architecture?
  • Corruption in sports – What are the implications for society at large?

Call for Papers: International Conference on Global Commerce & Sustainability
Posted: 2012/09/25 
Deadline: 2012/09/25

More InfoThe conference invites international scholars and practitioners to submit abstracts, posters, and proposals pertaining to sustainability in education, commerce, global business, resource exploitation and recovery, renewable energy and sustainable management practices.

Accepted papers will be considered for the Best Paper Award and publication in the Journal of Global Commerce Research (www.journalofglobalcommerceresearch.com) or the Journal of Current Research in Global Business.

Call for Papers: Corporate Accountability Reporting
Posted: 2012/04/29 
Deadline: 2012/09/01

More InfoDeadline date: September 1, 2012
More information: website

In the last decade, a growing number of for-profit corporations across the world have started voluntarily augmenting their annual financial reports with reports on “corporate sustainability,” “corporate social responsibility,” and “corporate environmental performance,” among others. As of April 2011, there are over 32,000 such reports on the Corporate Register, a database archiving “global corporate responsibility” reports. Relatedly, a number of private organizations have emerged that bundle the standard setting and assurance/ auditing activities for corporate accountability reporting, including the Global Reporting Initiative, B Lab, and AccountAbility.

Harvard Business School in collaboration with one of the world's leading accounting journals, the Journal of Accounting & Economics, is sponsoring a conference on corporate accountability reporting. Hermes Fund Managers have also provided a generous prize money fund for the best papers presented at this conference. For more information on papers and deadlines, please see the above link.

Call for Proposals: 14th Annual National Sustainable Campuses Conference
Posted: 2012/07/23 
Deadline: 2012/08/31

More InfoEvent Date: October 11-14, 2012 
Submission Deadline: August 31, 2012
Location: University of Toronto, Mississauga

Sierra Youth Coalition is an organization run by youth for youth, serving as the youth arm of Sierra Club Canada.  Each year we have a national conference geared towards students who are passionate about sustainability issues. Our conferences are an active training ground to empower participants with the skills to lead successful initiatives on their own campuses. It is a great opportunity for students to learn and share successful work that they have been involved in!
The theme of this year’s conference is health and the environment and we are seeking one-to-two-hour long workshop or presentations. There are numerous ways that workshops can relate to our theme whether it be financial, personal, environmental, or community sustainability. All of these help to create a healthy campus where students thrive. Creating a healthy campus helps improve the student experience, which is a goal for all universities and colleges.

Call for Abstracts - 9th Annual NYU-Stern Conference on Social Entrepreneurship
Posted: 2012/06/06 
Deadline: 2012/08/24

More InfoSubmission Deadline: August 24, 2012
More Information: www.stern.nyu.edu

The NYU-Stern Conference on Social Entrepreneurship is dedicated to the ongoing development of theory and research on social entrepreneurship and its impact on global communities. The aim of the two-day academic conference is to bring together scholars in social entrepreneurship to discuss emerging concepts and themes in social entrepreneurship research. Conceptual papers, research papers presenting quantitative and/or qualitative data are welcome, as well as case studies and practitioner contributions.

Authors who wish to present their papers at the conference should submit electronically a three-page abstract (double-spaced, times new roman font, size 12) by Friday August 24th, 2012 to the conference co-directors, Dr. Jill Kickul, Director of the NYU-Stern Program in Social Entrepreneurship, jkickul@stern.nyu.edu, and Sophie Bacq, sbacq@stern.nyu.edu.

Call for Papers: 6th Annual International Conference on Business and Sustainability
Posted: 2012/08/11 
Deadline: 2012/08/17

More InfoEvent Date: November 7-9, 2012
Submission Deadline: August 17, 2012
Location: Portland State Campus, Oregon

The submission deadline for refereed research papers is August 17, 2012. Only completed papers or 5-10 page works-in-process will be accepted for review. Papers will be subject to double-blind review. The submission deadline for non-refereed research abstracts and teaching session materials is August 24, 2012. Please send an electronic copy of the papers, abstracts or teaching session materials to Darrell Brown at darrellb@pdx.edu.

Notice of acceptance or rejection will be sent out by August 31, 2012. All presenters are expected to register for the conference. In addition, registration is required for the paper or abstract to be included in the proceedings.

Call For Papers: Excellence in Corporate Responsibility
Posted: 2012/08/08 
Deadline: 2012/08/13

More InfoCategories Include:
1. Large Business – Resource Sector (Oil, Gas, Forestry and Mining)
2. Large Business – Manufacturing
3. Large Business – Financial Services, Insurance, Professional Services
4. Large Business – Retail, Packaged Goods, Consumer Brands
5. Large Business – Information, Communications, Technology
6. Small/Medium Business – Clean Technology, R&D
7. Small/Medium Business – Any sector
8. Industry Associations – Chambers of Commerce, Boards of Trade

Winners will be announced at the Excellence in Corporate Responsibility Dinner and Gala following the 10th Annual CBSR Summit, held Wednesday, November 7, 2012. Each award winner will be recognized at the gala, on greenlivingonline.com, through ECR supporting partners and within select national media.

Call for Papers: International Journal of Disclosure and Governance
Posted: 2011/07/12 
Deadline: 2012/07/01

The International Journal of Disclosure and Governance is calling for papers for a special issue on Enhancing the Effectiveness of the 21st Century Board of Directors. This issue, planned for late 2012, will build on the success of previous special issues, devoted to Governance in India, XBRL, The Audit Profession and Financial Regulation.

Submission Guidelines: Interested authors should submit manuscripts to special issue coeditor Richard Leblanc at rleblanc@yorku.ca and also copy the journal editor, Michael Alles, at alles@business.rutgers.edu. Please note that the submission deadline for the special issue is July 1, 2012, though early submissions are highly encouraged to enable a timely review. All academic submissions will be peer reviewed. Final submission decisions will be announced by August 31, 2012

Call for Papers: 2nd International Workshop on Business Ethics
Posted: 2012/06/05 
Deadline: 2012/06/30

More InfoThe Institute for Business Ethics and the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management are holding their second Joint Workshop on Business Ethics, November 8-9, in Brussels, Belgium. Papers are invited that explore business ethics issues from both theoretical and practical perspectives in the following areas:
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Globalization
  • Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
  • Global Governance and Ethics
  • Business Ethics and Human Rights
To present a paper authors should submit a two-page abstract by June 30, 2012. All proposals must be in English and be submitted through the EIASM web site.

For further information, please contact: ethik@unisg.ch

Call for Applications: Social Issues in Management Division Doctoral Consortium
Posted: 2012/06/06 
Deadline: 2012/06/30

More InfoSubmission Deadline: June 30, 2012 (rolling)-early submissions encouraged
More Information: http://sim.aomonline.org/

The Social Issues in Management Division is now accepting applications for the 2012 Academy of Management Doctoral Consortium to be held at the Academy of Management meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. The Consortium will bring together doctoral students and more than 30 experienced faculty to discuss opportunities and challenges in the field under the general theme, “What is Success in Academe?”

The Consortium will kick off with an Author’s Workshop where University of Georgia Professor Emeritus Archie Carroll will discuss the foundations of corporate social responsibility in an interview with scholar Michael Johnson-Cramer (Bucknell University). Dinner will follow. On Friday the 3rd, the program will include panels and discussions on success in the classroom, success in completing the dissertation, success with co-authors, success in publishing, and a host of other topics. Students will also receive detailed and constructive feedback on their work from an accomplished scholar in the field.

To apply, please complete the application form, available on the AoM SIM Division website at http://sim.aomonline.org/ or contact Co-Chairs Jill Brown (jgb207@lehigh.edu) or Andy Wicks (WicksA@darden.virginia.edu). The application should be accompanied by a one-page abstract of dissertation or research in progress as well as a one-paragraph recommendation by a nominating faculty member. Applications are due by June 30, 2012; however, there will be rolling admissions, so earlier applications are encouraged as the number of participants is limited.

Call for Papers: The 19th Annual International Conference Promoting Business Ethics
Posted: 2012/02/13 
Deadline: 2012/06/01

More InfoSubmission Deadline: June 1, 2012
More Information: www.niagara.edu/ethics/

The annual international conference promoting business ethics encourages a very broad-based approach to the discussion of ethical theory and practice and seeks contributions to that discussion from business and academic professionals who are promoting business ethics through:
  • The traditional business disciplines: accounting, finance, marketing, advertising and management
  • Other related areas of interest: philosophy, Theology, psychology, and sociology
In addition to the general theme for keynote and plenary sessions, Seeking Excellence in Organizations the conference will be organized in broad topical areas based on proposed submissions. Formal academic sessions will be interspersed with panel discussions, interactive conversations, keynote addresses and debates for dynamic participation among conference attendees.

A Call for Papers has been issued. A one-page proposal, including an abstract, along with contact details should be submitted by June 1, 2012.

Call for PapersDownload the Call for Papers (PDF 175KB)

Call for Papers: Second Annual Australasian Business Ethics Network (ABEN) Conference
Posted: 2012/04/27 
Deadline: 2012/06/01

Deadline date: June 1, 2012
More information: events-mm@deakin.edu.au

Submissions are now being invited for the Second ABEN conference on business, ethics and business ethics. Bringing academics, critics and practitioners together to discuss and debate the nature, intent, effects and futures of business ethics in Australasia and beyond, the ABEN conference is developing into a key forum in the region for reflective, engaged and critical work in the area.

The ABEN conference is inclusive welcoming submissions that explore business ethics from a range of theoretical, empirical and practical positions and perspectives.

For more information on submissions and procedures, please see the below PDF.

Call For Papers.pdf

Call for Papers: Special Issue on CSR, Institutional Structures & Corporate Governance
Posted: 2012/01/16 
Deadline: 2012/04/15

More InfoSubmission Deadline: April 15, 2012
More Information: Website or Download the Call (PDF 120KB)

This special issue focuses on three broad issues. Papers submitted to the special issue should show how they relate to one or more of the following general themes:

  • What is the relationship between global and local institutional structures and CSR strategy and policy choices of firms, both local and multinational?
  • What is the relationship between a firm’s CSR strategy and its internal and external governance structures?
  • As the global business environment evolves are there more efficient and/or more equitable corporate governance models that involve or promote CSR? Does CSR work better in some governance environments than others?
    Due to the interdisciplinary nature of corporate governance research, papers of a theoretical or empirical nature and from a range of disciplines are welcomed. Research that involves substantive international comparisons, and speaks to both local and multinational corporations, are particularly welcome due to CGIR’s global mission.

    DownloadDownload the Call (PDF 120KB)

    Call for Papers: oikos UNDP Young Scholars Development Academy 2012
    Posted: 2012/02/13 
    Deadline: 2012/03/31

    More InfoSubmission Deadline: March 31, 2012
    More Information: www.oikos-international.org/academic/development/

    The oikos UNDP Young Scholars Development Academy 2012 provides PhD students and young scholars working on poverty, sustainable development, and the informal economy from an Organisation and Management Theory perspective a platform to present and discuss their on-going research projects with fellow students and senior faculty.

    Research on inclusive business models, market development and sustainability between the informal and formal economy is a promising and challenging field for young researchers and PhD students. It calls for a multitude of methods, combination of disciplines in strategy, organisation studies, sociology, anthropology and economics, and new research designs, e.g. market ethnography in organisation studies.

    The 2012 academy focus, “Matching Culture and Markets for Inclusive Development”, aims to attract papers analysing the strategies of businesses, governments, multilateral agencies, NGOs and other interest groups shaping moral markets that build on local capabilities, include the poor and create opportunities for sustainable development.

    Call for Papers and Travel Grants
    A call for papers has been issued, with a March 31, 2012 deadline. Up to three grants (travel, fee and accommodation) are available for outstanding young scholars coming from developing countries. Complete details and the call for papers at www.oikos-international.org/academic/development/.

    Call for Submissions: SBE Annual Meeting - Emerging Scholars/PhD Section
    Posted: 2012/02/16 
    Deadline: 2012/03/15

    More InfoSubmission Deadline: March 15, 2012
    More information: www.societyforbusinessethics.org

    The Society for Business Ethics encourages all Ph.D. candidates to submit an abstract of an area they are working on for the emerging scholars sections of the Society for Business Ethics Annual Meeting, August 3-5, 2012 at the Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston, MA.

    This is a special opportunity for young scholars to present to the members of the society. Ph.D. candidates may submit an abstract of between 750 and 1,000 words describing a research project in business ethics or related domains.

    Complete details at www.societyforbusinessethics.org

    Calls for papers: Society for Business Ethics Annual Meeting
    Posted: 2011/12/22 
    Deadline: 2012/03/15

    More InfoSubmission Deadline: March 15, 2012
    More information: Website OR Download the Call (PDF 51KB)

    The Society for Business Ethics has issued a Call for Submissions to its 2012 Annual Meeting, August 3-5, 2012 in Boston, MA. The complete “Call for Submissions”, including a listing of themes for submission, can be downloaded below.

    The annual meeting provides an opportunity for members to present their own research results, to become acquainted with the latest developments in teaching and research, to engage in the discussion of emerging business ethics issues, and to enjoy the fellowship of other scholars and professionals in the field. Meetings are held in early August, generally prior to the meeting for the Academy for Management.

    DownloadDownload the Call (PDF 51KB)

    Call for Papers: Business Ethics: Expectations and Disappointments
    Posted: 2012/02/10 
    Deadline: 2012/03/14

    More Info

    Submission Deadline: March 14, 2012

    Contributions are sought for a special issue of the Australian Journal of Professional and Applied Ethics. The AJPAE is particularly interested in papers that address the following themes:

    Spirituality and business ethics: Interest in spirituality within the workplace has grown exponentially in recent years – both from instrumental and normative perspectives. What have we learnt so far? How are the paradigms compatible with one another? How do we manage the demands of the different ‘spirits’: the spirit of capitalism, the spirit of Mother Earth, the spirit of religions, the spirit of Man, the spirit of Woman – amongst others?

    Myths in business ethics: Dissatisfied with current trends in the field, a growing number of scholars ‘go back to basics’ and re-read original texts from philosophers, economists or early management theorists with hopes of clarifying assumptions most take for granted. What assumptions should be questioned? Which myths pervade the business ethics area? How did they form and develop? What could they tell us about ethics, business and people?

    Business, Society and Policy: Business operates within a social and political context. At the same time, business also shapes that context. What are the relationships between business practices, societal expectations and public policy-making? How does business seek to influence public policy and public opinion (in the past, in the present)? How has that influence shaped social outcomes in areas, for example, of distributive justice and environmental sustainability? How can we make it better?

    Submission process
    Papers submitted for publication in the journal will be blind refereed. Full details of the submission guidelines are available at: http://www.cappe.edu.au/publications/ajpae.htm#Information_for_Authors

    Manuscripts should be submitted to the Guest Editor, Peter McGhee at peter.mcghee@aut.ac.nz by 14 March 2012. Authors will be notified of the acceptance or otherwise of their submission by 16 April 2012. This special issue is scheduled to be published in the second half of 2012.

    DownloadDownload the Call (PDF 192KB)

    Call for Papers: Oaths and Codes in Economics and Business
    Posted: 2011/12/22 
    Deadline: 2012/03/01

    More InfoDeadline: March 1, 2012
    More Information: b.p.de.bruin@rug.nl
    The Review of Social Economy and the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, devote a conference and a special issue to professional oaths and codes. The conference will take place on 11 and 12 May 2012 in Groningen, The Netherlands. Invited speakers are John Boatright (Loyola University Chicago) and George DeMartino (University of Denver). A selection of papers presented at the conference, upon passing double-blind peer review, will be published in a special issue or Review of Social Economy. Guest editor is Boudewijn de Bruin (University of Groningen).
    Submissions of extended abstracts are invited of around 1,000 words for conference presentations with a deadline of 1 March 2012. The topic is professional oaths and codes in the broadest sense of the word, including philosophical, economic, psychological, sociological approaches. Submissions, and inquiries, should be sent to Boudewijn de Bruin at b.p.de.bruin@rug.nl and Wilfred Dolfsma, corresponding editor Review of Social Economy, at w.a.dolfsma@rug.nl.

    Download Download the Call (PDF 190KB)

    Call for Abstracts: Western Hemispheric Integration Conference - Best Practices in Organizational Governance
    Posted: 2012/01/09 
    Deadline: 2012/02/15

    More InfoSubmission Deadline: February 15, 2012
    More Information: Website
    Conference Date: May 30-31, 2012
    Location: University of Texas at El Paso

    The Center for Multicultural Management and Ethics invites submissions of papers, multi-speaker symposium, or workshop. Submissions should present new material, distinct from published works. Submissions should be consistent with one or more of the general content areas listed below. A broad range of topic areas are invited for submission, and priority is given to those with clear relevance to best practices in any type of organization (such as businesses, government entities, and non-profit organizations) in the Western Hemisphere. Innovative submissions that highlight dialogues between theory and practice, different countries and cultures, different content areas, and different disciplines are encouraged.

    Examples of relevant topics include: best practices in contracting and procurement, investigative journalism of organizational misconduct, challenges of sole source contracting and procurement, using audits to discover and prevent inappropriate behaviors, using employee training and hiring procedures to improve workforce integrity, etc.

    Conference Theme Tracks
    Best Practice Ethics in Organizations
    Best Practice Governance Mechanisms

    Call for Participants: Human Rights Responsibilities of MNCs in the Developing World
    Posted: 2011/12/15 
    Deadline: 2012/02/10

    Call for Participants Deadline
    February 10, 2012

    DownloadDownload the Call
    (PDF 346KB)

    Workshop Date
    June 7-8, 2012

    This workshop, organized by the TransAtlantic Doctoral Academy for Corporate Responsibility and held in St Gallen, Switzerland, is open to doctoral researchers. The workshop aims to discuss dimensions of human rights responsibilities for MNCs that go beyond legal requirements, since laws and regulations are notoriously weak in most of the developing world.

    The main focus lies on the following questions: which rights should companies respect or protect, and what are the consequences for practice?

    This workshop aims at presenting first results and discussing possible frameworks to analyze the topic, and to formulate hypotheses. Upon finishing, a report of the main findings and a clear research agenda will be published online. The workshop will also facilitate exchange and explore possible co-­operations among participating scholars.

    Call for Papers: The Fifth ISBEE World Congress - Tradition and New Horizons: Towards the Virtue of Responsibility
    Posted: 2011/07/27 
    Deadline: 2012/01/31

    Submission Deadline
    January 31, 2012

    Conference Date
    July 11 -14, 2012


    The ISBEE World Congress is held every fourth year from 1996. It has succeeded in attracting the best minds in the field of business ethics. The Congress provides a forum for business and academics to grapple with some of the most pressing ethical issues facing businesses all over the world, and the new horizons coming from business ethics research to fill a wide range of social expectations. The ISBEE Congress will be held in Warsaw, Poland, hosted by Kozminski University.

    The 2012 Fifth ISBEE Congress will look to identify key directions for future research that address the complexity of challenges and possible solutions. It will serve as an inspiration-sharing platform around the vital area of responsibility. The main theme of the Congress is: "Tradition and New Horizons: Towards the Virtue of Responsibility".

    ISBEE is calling for submissions to the 2012 Fifth ISBEE Congress. Visit the Conference website for complete details.

    Call for papers: European Business Ethics Network (EBEN) Research Conference 2012
    Posted: 2011/12/22 
    Deadline: 2012/01/31

    Deadline: January 31, 2012
    More information: website

    Papers and abstracts must be submitted by 31 January 2012 to david.campbell@ncl.ac.uk and can be on any subject in business ethics linked to the main themes of the conference: accountability, transparency, sustainability.Authors are invited to interpret the themes widely to encourage a range of interesting contributions at the conference itself.

    There will be a special stream on ‘research methods in business ethics’. The special edition of Business ethics: a European review will be based around submissions to this stream.Please submit papers and/or abstracts to david.campbell@ncl.ac.uk clearly indicating that your submission is intended for the special stream of research methods. If you can submit your abstract or paper before the final submission date, that will be all the more welcome.

    Call for Papers: ARCS Fourth Annual Research Conference
    Posted: 2012/01/03 
    Deadline: 2012/01/31

    More InfoSubmission Deadline: Jan 31, 2012
    More Information: Website OR Download the Call

    This Yale Center for Business and the Environment (CBEY) and Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability (ARCS) conference will bring together scholars from a variety of disciplinary and methodological perspectives interested in advancing research on corporate sustainability. This is the fourth annual conference of ARCS, a consortium of universities that seeks to provide data, tools and networking opportunities to researchers who are developing a greater understanding of the opportunities and limits of policies and strategies to foster sustainable business. The conference builds on the successful Third Annual ARCS Conference hosted by the Wharton School last spring.

    The conference welcomes unpublished working papers focused on business and sustainability (both social and environmental) from all disciplines and research areas. Submissions are encouraged from a wide range of perspectives and methods including empirical research, theory development, formal theoretical modeling, and experimental methods. Of particular interest to the organizers are papers that have implications for management and organizations. Papers drawn from organizational theory, strategy, operations, sociology, psychology and decision making, law, economics, political science, and other fields are within the realm of the conference.

    DownloadDownload the Call (PDF 423KB)

    Calls for papers: Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE) Twenty-first Annual Meeting
    Posted: 2011/12/22 
    Deadline: 2012/01/23

    Deadline: January 23, 2012
    More information: website

    The Twenty-first Annual Meeting, open to Association members and nonmembers, welcomes persons from various disciplines and professions for discussion of common concerns in practical and professional ethics. The meeting provides an opportunity to meet practitioners, professionals and scholars who share your interests. The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics was founded in 1991 to encourage interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching of high quality in practical and professional ethics by educators and practitioners who appreciate the practical-theoretical aspects of their subjects. The Association facilitates communication and joint ventures among centers, schools, colleges, business and nonprofit organizations and individuals concerned with the interdisciplinary study and teaching of practical and professional ethics. The Association is also the sponsor of the National Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl held at the Annual Meeting and the 10 Regional Intercollegiate Ethics Bowls held under its auspices.

    This call invites individuals from all disciplines and professions interested in advancing scholarship, teaching and a general understanding of practical and professional ethics. The meeting is open to Association members and nonmembers alike. Submissions are invited on applied ethical issues in all fields (e.g., business, engineering, government, journalism, law medicine, science, etc.) as well as interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary issues that cut across professions (bioethics, environment, health care, higher education, research ethics, etc.). Submissions may include formal papers, panel presentations, roundtable discussions, case studies, and pedagogical demonstrations. In practice, one submission per person will be accepted. A book may be submitted for Author Meets the Critics and/or Lunch With and Author.

    Call for Papers: ICCSR Conference
    Posted: 2011/12/15 
    Deadline: 2012/01/13

    More InfoA Call for Papers has been issued for the ICCSR 10th Anniversary Conference to be held at Nottingham University Business School, UK, on 26th & 27th April 2012

    Submission Deadline
    January 13, 2012

    Conference Outline
    The conference will combine practitioner and academic keynote presentations and practitioner and academic panels which will address the broad question of CSR futures. Both academic researchers and practitioners are encouraged to respond to the call for papers.

    Parallel streams will address more focused questions about CSR futures from such perspectives as Consumer Responsibility; Business and Development; CSR in Asia; CSR Context and Dynamics; CSR and Governance; CSR Impact; Leadership for Sustainability; Organisational Change for Sustainability.

    PhD Seminar
    There will also be a PhD seminar on 25th April.

    Complete details at www.nottingham.ac.uk

    Call for papers: Association for Nonprofit and Social Economy Research
    Posted: 2011/12/22 
    Deadline: 2012/01/09

    Deadline: January 9, 2012
    More information: website

    You are invited to submit proposals for individual papers, panels, or roundtable discussions on topics related to nonprofits, co-operatives, social enterprises, community economic development, and the social economy in Canadian, comparative, or international contexts. Proposals are particularly encouraged that fit into any of the following areas, broadly defined:
    • Changing Role of Nonprofits and the Social Economy in an Uncertain World
    • Co-operatives in 2012, the Year of the Co-operative
    • Nonprofits in a Time of Cutbacks
    • Social Enterprises, Social Entrepreneurship, & Social Innovation
    • Community Economic Development & Community Organizing
    • Volunteering & Citizen Engagement
    • Collaborations, Partnerships & Mergers
    • Communication, Networking & Social Media
    • Finance
    • Governance & Management
    • Research Methodologies & Community-University Research Partnerships
    • Public Policy & Government Relations
    • Theoretical Perspectives

    Proposals of wider relevance are also accepted, which may not fit the categories listed above. We are particularly interested in papers, panels and roundtables involving collaboration between academics and practitioners.

    Journal of Environmental Investing Call for Nominees
    Posted: 2012/07/11 

    More InfoThe Journal of Environmental Investing thinks that effective, original ideas often lack recognition, that dialogue about those ideas is vital to our future, and that the best ideas and achievements will transform how they address their most pressing environmental challenges. For these reasons, in their special issue of the JEI they will highlight the influential people who are proponents of investment ideas that have had or will have a powerful impact on carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, land and resource use, pollution, water quality and quantity, and other complex environmental problems.

    Join JEI today. Nominate the investors, business and policy leaders, scientists, economists, activists, and citizens of the world who inform environmental investing by creating and implementing transformative solutions. Make your nomination below and briefly state why you think the person should be considered. Then, if you like, write a question for your nominee. If that person makes JEI's list, they may use your question in an interview. Send your nominations to mcavanagh@thejei.com.

    Call for Proposals: Greenleaf Publishing Responsible Investing Book Series
    Posted: 2013/05/28 

    More InfoIn 2009, Greenleaf launched its ground-breaking Responsible Investment series to provide a forum for outstanding empirical and theoretical work on all aspects of responsible investment, allowing the tensions and practical realities of responsible investment to be addressed in a readable, robust, and conceptually and empirically rigorous format. The first two books in the Responsible Investment series are:

    Rory Sullivan, Valuing Corporate Responsibility: How Do Investors Really Use Corporate Responsibility Information? (March 2011)

    Céline Louche and Steve Lydenberg, Dilemmas in Responsible Investment (May 2011)

    In 2013, they will be publishing a special issue of the Journal of Corporate Citizenship on Responsible Investment in Emerging Markets, a book on Risk and Climate Adaptation and a collection of Case Studies.

    Greenleaf is currently considering titles for 2014. Please click here for full details on topics for consideration and the application process.

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